Real tree

Alisha Khalil, Online Chief

Fall has come to a close and the next thing on everyone’s minds is Christmas. People can not wait to get into the Christmas spirit by baking gourmet treats, making hot drinks, and most importantly, decorating the house. A real Christmas tree not only brings joy to the heart, but to the Earth as well. 

Purchasing a real Christmas tree for the holidays will never fail to bring more Christmas spirit to the house than a fake tree ever could. Spending the day with the ones you love most while picking out the perfect tree and drinking hot chocolate is a far more memorable experience than going to any store to pick up a generic Christmas tree. 

The smiles, joy, and laughter all around you is unbeatable. The happiness in the air at a local farm with families shopping around for a tree, is indisputable.

Joy and happiness isn’t the only thing in the air. The signature Christmas pine-tree smell also lingers, further spreading the holiday spirit. If you buy a real Christmas tree, Christmas would truly be in the air in your home. 

Purchasing a real tree not only helps local farmers, but also helps the environment. It is important to support local farmers in order to preserve the Earth.

“If farmers are not getting paid, then they are more likely to sell their land to developers, which would eventually lead to less trees being planted to then absorb excess carbon dioxide in the air,” said LHS Green Council President Sean O’Mara.

The process of both importing and transporting fake etrees for consumers to purchase also weigns a heavy toll on Earth’s atmosphere. 

“Almost 85% of fake trees come from China, which means that huge carbon waste results from the boats shipping them [fake trees] here, as well as from the trucks that ship the trees around the country,” O’Mara said. 

Unlike fake trees, real trees can be recycled and repurposed. There are several programs which turn real Christmas trees into mulch, compost, or plant support. 

It is completely understandable that some consumers would gravitate towards purchasing a fake tree due to its simplicity as opposed to the time and effort involved in buying a real tree. Not everyone has the time to go out and choose a tree to then go through the process of recycling of a tree. If you have the time and desire, I say that a real Christmas tree is the better option.