LHS Marching Band & Colorguard perform in Orlando, FL

Front row L to R: Freshmen Shauna Choate and Alex Quitongan. Back row L to R: Freshmen Nick Shapleigh, Emily Haney, Sierra Sessa, Jillian Fitzgibbons, Maya Hilliard, Mackenzie Conner. Photo courtesy of Jason Coburn.
Back row: Sophomore Jill Hansen, senior Casey Daron, senior Jason Coburn, sophomore Cassidy Conty, senior Emily Dawson, senior Ethan Lauer, sophomore Heather Ricker, sophomore Sarah Fawcett. Front row: Senior Caleb Moscoso, sophomore Kiara Quitayen, sophomore Jill Dorris, sophomore Jackie Allen. Photo courtesy of Jason Coburn.

 On Sunday, Dec. 27 at 6:30am sharp, the LHS Marching Band & Colorguard set out on the adventure of a lifetime, consisting of a 30 hour bus ride to Orlando, FL. The marching Lancers performed in two parades, the annual Orlando Citrus Parade, and a New Year’s Eve parade in Magic Kingdom.

According to Mr. Soucy, this 8 day expedition was the longest trip the band has been on since their debut in China.

“It was so neat to march in such a famous place at such a great time of year. [The trip] did have it’s ups and downs, but ask anyone and they would agree it was by far the most fun adventure. I didn’t want the week to end.” – senior Jason Coburn

“The bus ride sure was a once in a lifetime experience, I can tell you that. One of my favorite memories was joking around with my friends on Splash Mountain and meeting Chewbacca.” – senior Ethan Lauer

From top to bottom, L to R: Seniors Ethan Lauer, Jason Coburn, Casey Daron, Travis LaGree, Scott Lynch, Chris Host. Photo courtesy of Jason Coburn.
Sophomores Cassidy Conty and Kiara Quitayen with senior Jason Coburn. Photo courtesy of Jason Coburn.

“The trip was a lot of fun. The bus ride, although long, was a great bonding experience for the members, and I think that everybody really enjoyed themselves throughout the week.” – senior Maddie Harper

“The trip for me was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, for several reasons. It brought me closer to  a lot of my friends, I was able to celebrate the New Year in Magic Kingdom, and I got to march in two high profile parades.” – junior Nick Ramy 

“Overall, I really enjoyed the trip. The bus ride was tough, but it was all worth it. I’ll never forget New Years in Magic Kingdom.” – junior Anna Gruchot

“It was a once in a lifetime experience. I had never been to Disney before this, and it truly was everything I thought it would be.” – sophomore Jeff Cieslikowski

Sophomores Kiara Quitayen, Heather Ricker, Cassidy Conty. Photo courtesy of Jason Coburn.
Seniors Casey Daron, Chris Host, Travis LaGree, Scott Lynch, Ethan Lauer. Photo courtesy of Jason Coburn.

“Performing in Disney was such a dream come true. One of my favorite memories was starting off the New Year in the happiest place on Earth surrounded by my favorite people.” – sophomore Cassidy Conty

Drum majors Nick Ramy, Emily Dawson, Maddie Harper. Photo courtesy of Maddie Harper.
Junior Maddi Sousa poses with her new friend from the Dr. Seuss themed park in Universal Studios.
Many students’ favorite memory was witnessing the firework show in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Many described it as “a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
After one day in Hollywood Studios, dozens of band members were equipped with light sabers.
The band arrived just in time to witness The Spectacle of Dancing Lights in Hollywood Studios, a massive light show consisting of Christmas lights covering every inch of every building.
According to one of the Magic Kingdom workers, the LHS Marching Band & Colorguard was amongst the 90,000 other people crowded inside the park for New Years Eve.
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