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Spotlight on electives: Build your perfect schedule with these ‘must-have’ classes.


There are more classes 

beyond the core classes, 

so know your options. 

When selecting which courses to take next year, you can either close your eyes, click on random pull-down menus on X2 and hope for the best, OR you can create your dream schedule by doing one or more of the following:

  • Read through the Program of Studies. Just a quick click on the box to the right will take you directly there.  To see individual class descriptions, click on the “course catalog” tab on the top right of the page.

  • Talk to other students about different classes they’ve taken.

  • Discuss options with teachers and your counselor and get recommendations on which classes would be a good fit for you.

  • Check out the various electives offered at LHS by reading the descriptions listed below

Listed below are course descriptions divided by content area and written by teachers for YOU, so you can get a more in-depth look at the variety of electives available for next year.

NOTE: There are other electives offered at LHS.  The classes listed below are ones that teachers specifically wrote descriptions for to let you know what their class is REALLY like.

*The teachers listed with each class are subject to change from year to year.

New opportunity for college-bound seniors     

Course Name: Senior College Seminar

Teacher:  Ms. O’Dea, Director of School Counselor

Open to SENIORS looking to apply to college.

Course DescriptionIt’s such a simple question. If college is such an important part of a student’s life, why can’t they build their college plans during the high school day, where they have the time, resources, and support to make a great college choice?

That’s the goal of Senior College Seminar. Designed to meet the scheduling needs of any high school, SCS offers educators the chance to build a college access curriculum that meets the needs of their students in a format that meets the needs of their school.

Built with minimal technology needs and maximum flexibility, SCS increases awareness of all the college options available after high school, and gives students a clear path to what’s next in their lives.  This course will meet 2 times a week for 13 weeks.

School Publications

Course Name: College Prep Yearbookholidayorderformimage1_2016

Teacher:  Mrs. Diamond

In the Yearbook course, you will be an official member of the Londonderry High School Reflections Yearbook staff and be a part of creating this exciting, historical publication that everyone looks forward to at the end of each school year.

Yearbook class provides you with the opportunity to learn in many areas (photography, graphic design, image editing, writing, online desktop publishing, proofing, print publication process, business) and you will have the chance to pick the areas you want to focus on. You also gain beneficial life skills such as communication, time management, team building, problem solving, and leadership.

Work completed in Yearbook can even be included in portfolios or pointed to as evidence of running the business side of a large organization. Not only does Yearbook fulfill your computer graduation requirement, but also many students have used their yearbook experience on college transcripts and in interviews as proof that they have done “real world” work.

Course Name:  College Prep Journalism 1

Teacher:  Mrs. DeWinkeleer

  • Open to grades 9-12. May be used as a senior English for grade 12, but it is an elective for grades 9, 10 & 11. 
  • This is a full-year class.
  • Once you have taken J1, you can apply to be an editor in journalism 2 then continue taking journalism 3 & 4.

When you take Journalism 1 as a class, you are automatically a reporter, an important staff member of the award-winning print and online news publication The Lancer Spirit.

As a reporter, you will learn how to interview sources and how to write a variety of articles: news, features, sports, opinion, reviews, etc. You will get a press pass so you can cover school events and write articles that highlight what students and teachers in our school are doing.  

The Lancer Spirit staff celebrates with cake after finding out they are finalists for the 2022 Columbia Scholastic Press Crown Awards. (Photo by Riley Doyle)

Plus, since we have both an online AND print version of the publication, you will not only be able to produce written work, but also multimedia elements like photo galleries, podcasts, videos, social media posts, etc.  You’ll also learn how to write for and design the magazine as well, using programs like InDesign, Photoshop, Canva, etc.

The Lancer Spirit also runs Mr. LHS, so as a reporter, you will get the chance to help with that LHS tradition!

Exciting News: The Columbia Scholastic Press Association recently informed the staff that Lancer Spirit Online is a Crown Finalist, which means LSO is considered one of the top online publications in the country.

Please see Mrs. DeWinkeleer or any Lancer Spirit staff member in room 411 with questions. 

Click on other stories on to see what The Lancer Spirit is all about.

Course Name: Online Multimedia

Teacher: Teachers may vary


What will I do?  Record and edit high quality audio and video. Become a better photographer. Interview people. Write to be listened to, the way people really talk. Learn how to promote activities and events. Develop social media content. Create podcasts. Cover events. Make a music show.

The class is entirely hands-on, and project based. Student work is featured on Lancer Spirit Online (LSO) and WLLO-LP, our FM and online radio station.


Course Name: Housing and Design

Teacher: Mrs. Halstead

No pre-requisites.

Description of the class: This introductory hands-on course is aimed to explore the many aspects of the housing world; from buying/renting a place to live to designing the exterior and interior spaces for a variety of life situations. Emphasis is placed on the interior design process; human, environmental and behavioral factors; color theory, elements and principles of design; hand sketching/digital design techniques, space planning, as well as the selection of products and materials for residential interiors.

The students will have the opportunity to develop skills through multiple hands-on activities and projects (brochures, displays, floor plans and scale drawings); using a variety of media (collage, paint, colored pencils, and digital design software).

Course Name: Intro to Art

Teacher: Mrs. Halstead, Mrs. Dyson & Mrs. Hjelm

This studio course is designed for the beginning art student seeking a hands on art experience. Students will have the opportunity to explore the many areas of the visual arts including: drawing, painting, sculpture, and ceramics; as well as to increase their understanding of the elements and principles of design. Each student will have an introduction to a variety of materials: acrylic paint, clay, watercolor, printmaking, drawing pencils, as well as colored pencils and markers. Students will enhance their creative problem solving skills as well as have the ability to customize the projects and activities they work on in the classroom. This hands on course also includes some lecture and discussion.

*Prerequisite for additional studio art courses

Course Name: Art in Advertising

Teacher: Mrs. Halstead

Art in Advertising is a relatively NEW class!  The students really seemed to enjoy the class!  We start off with basics like logo design and the art of typography, move into some photoshop work with the art of deception, back into hands on projects focused on the techniques of persuasion, there is a block printing project as well as developing our own ice cream flavors and then creating a 3D package for it.

Prereq:  Intro to art

Course Description: This hands-on art course is designed for students with an interest in advertising. Designing logos, packaging for products, and fun visuals all catch the consumer’s eye. Students will develop their visual communication skills through the manipulation of the appearance, form, and function of products in society today. Exploration of different media will be encouraged. Students will be given design problems to solve, translating ideas into form. Consumers buy most of their products based on their appearance; the relationship between design and function will be investigated as well as how social media and popular culture influence products available for purchase.

Course Name: Sculpture

Teacher: Mrs. Halstead

Sculpture is another fun class, it’s all about working in 3D.  We start out with popsicle stick sculptures focusing on composition, we move into breaking a picture into different layers (like a topographic map) with felt.  We work with clay and the casting process and make some abstract fun pieces along with elongated figure sculptures.

Prereq:  Intro to art

Course Description: In this course, students will have the opportunity to develop three-dimensional art forms in both in-the-round and relief using a variety of materials such as natural clay, plaster, wire, and foam core. Students will explore the four basic sculpture methods: modeling, construction, carving, and casting. Students will also experience the casting process using a plaster waste mold. Sculpture is a studio course with some lecture and discussion.

Course Name: Oil Painting

Teacher: Mrs.  Dyson

Have you always wanted to learn how to paint animals, landscapes and abstract art? This is the class for you. Working from photos and observation I will take you through step by step how to create paintings with texture and color. You do not need to know how to draw to take painting. you do however need Intro to Art.

Course Name: Acrylic Painting

Teacher: Mrs.  Dyson

This is a water based media class where you will learn watercolor and acrylic techniques. We also work with mixed media. Subjects that we will paint are animals, fish, birds, landscapes, mandalas and feathers. You do not need to know how to draw to take this class but you do need Intro to Art.

Course Name: Art History and pop culture

Teacher: Mrs.  Dyson

This is a hands on class that will take you on a journey from cave painting to Van Gogh and beyond. We learn about the time period by creating art done during that time. We then relate it to Popular Culture of today. You do not need Intro to art to take this class.

Course Name: Drawing

Teacher: Mrs.  Hjelm

You do not have to feel that you have a strong drawing skill to take this class. Students explore contour, sketching, line quality and value techniques as well as learn the importance of using negative space awareness and the sighting method as tools to see and draw more accurately. They will animate a tool in a cartoon style project during our creative unit and experience Pen and Ink as a new drawing medium. Students will learn how to draw facial features and through a step by step process complete their own self-portrait.

Course Name: Art Interactive

Teacher: Mrs.  Hjelm

This is a non-pre-requisite Art elective where much like the Unified Sports, you the buddy/helper student will work side by side with an ACT (special needs) student on various art projects throughout the semester.  Your goal is to create a safe environment while working cooperatively and assisting them with tools and supplies used throughout the various projects. It is a very rewarding class where you get to understand the capabilities and limitations of the ACT students, along with the modifications needed to meet their challenges, while building great relationships at the same time.

Course Name: Advanced Drawing

Teacher: Mrs.  Hjelm

Pre-requisite: Drawing

*Advanced Drawing is dual enrollment 3-credit class with SNHU when there is a minimum of six students who sign up.

This is a class where you really get to refine your drawing skills as well as build portfolio quality work. You will incorporate the use of the Pencil including shading, line quality and creating 3D form through shading, to improve skills on drawing folds in drapery and reflective qualities on shiny things. There will be further exploration of the Pen and Ink media, including brush techniques and colored inks. Students will be introduced to pastels as a drawing medium and this will be incorporated into a full color self-portrait. Figure drawing will culminate the course with drawing activities including the skeleton, cross contour and gesture drawings. If time allows there may be some landscape concepts included as well.  When the class is able to run for SNUH credit, the class work will remain the same for students who have signed up and those who do not.

Course Name: AP Studio Art

Teacher: Mrs.  Dyson

Do you want to pursue a career in the arts? Did you know art, fashion and architecture schools want a portfolio of art work for admission? AP Studio is the class to take after you have taken Intro to Art and 2 upper level art classes (preferably a painting and a drawing class) Over the course of the school year you will develop a style and gain knowledge and experience in what to expect in the business of artmaking.

Please see Ms. Dyson with any questions.

Business & Computers


Course Name:  Business Math

Teacher: Mr. Greene

This course is designed aa a practical, applied mathematics course that will emphasize the skills students need to manage their personal finances and excel at their first jobs.  Student will review and apply mathematical operations with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, and percent. They will understand terminology relating to personal and business mathematics applications. Students will use common mathematical formulas to solve a variety of personal and business mathematics problems.

SIMPLY PUT, it’s practical math for real life use 😊!

This is a full year course.  Open to grades 10-12.  Counts toward your Math Experience graduation requirement.

Course Name:  Accounting I

Teacher: Mrs. Young

In Accounting 1 students learn the accounting cycle from the analysis and recording of business transactions to the preparation of financial statements.

Mrs. Young talks about her Accounting 1 class in the podcast produced by Mrs. Robinson’s Audio Production and Podcasting class.


Course Name:  Introduction to Programming I

Teacher: Mrs. Provenzano

Computers are everywhere and computers run using software.  Programming creates that software.  In this course you will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills that are necessary for any career, but especially in engineering, math, and the sciences.  The courses are project bases, so few lectures and lots of computer time

creating application, games, and graphics.

Course Name: Desktop Publishing

Teacher:  Mrs. Diamond

If you want to learn how to create exiting visuals using computers or advance your current creative skills to a new level, then Desktop Publishing is the course for you! This class teaches Adobe InDesign and Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) which are essential for success in many graphics fields.

Graphic artists and digital publishers choose Adobe applications as the foundational software necessary to bring all page elements together—type and traditional and digital artwork.

Learn basic principles of typography, graphics, and layouts needed to create effective and pleasing advertisements, brochures, newsletters, greeting cards, posters, business cards, letterhead, invitations, menus, programs, calendars and more!

Course Name:  Web Development/Design I & II

Teacher:  Mrs. Diamond

Are you intrigued by how all that stuff got on the Web and want to create your own site? There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a Web site. The basic stuff behind all web sites is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

In Web classes you learn skills in these areas as well as producing graphics with Adobe Photoshop CC and web authoring with Adobe Dreamweaver CC. At the end of each course, you have the opportunity to build your own web site.

Course Name:  Computer Animation

Teacher:  Mrs. Diamond

Become a computer animator! Learn how you can use Adobe Animate CC to create a variety of animated content such as cartoons, advertisements, games, and other interactive content.

Creating characters with drawing tools, tweening, morphing, adding motion paths, setting up timelines, and creating story scenes are just some of the topics covered in this class. All projects are hands-on in the computer lab. Sign up and bring your creative ideas to life with animation!

Course Name:  Computer Hardware and Repair I

Teacher:     Mrs. Provenzano & Mr. Sampson

Enjoy tinkering with computers and seeing how they work?  In this course you will learn all the ins and outs of a computer’s hardware and operating system.

Online learning plus hands on labs will teach you how to build a computer as well as develop problem solving skills and teamwork while troubleshooting common computer problems.

This course also offers college credit through the Running Start program.

Course Name: Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Teacher: Mr. Greene

Semester course open to grades 10-12  –  No prerequisite

Whether you are watching a famous athlete make an unbelievable play or witnessing a sensational singing performance, the world of sports and entertainment is never boring. Although it may seem impossible for you to be a part of this glittery world, it’s not! The Sports and Entertainment Marketing field offers careers that combine entertainment with traditional marketing, but with a whole lot more glamour. Explore basic marketing principles while delving deeper into the multi-billion dollar sports and entertainment industry. Learn how professional athletes, sports teams, and famous entertainers are marketed as commodities and how the savvy people who handle these deals can become very successful. This course will show you exactly how things work behind the scenes of a major entertainment event and how you can be part of the act.

Course Name: Introduction to Business

Teacher: Mr. Greene

If you can’t throw a football like Tom Brady then you’ll probably be entering the business world someday (AKA getting a job.)

Not sure what you want to do for a living yet?  If business is “on the radar” then this class just may be for you.  Want more information?  Stop by room 360 and see Mr. Greene. (AKA the school store guy.)

Course Name: Financial PlanningCommunications-2

Teacher: Mr. Greene

You’ll learn how to manage your finances so you won’t have to move back in with mom and dad AFTER you graduate from college!

This course is now a Running Start course.  Yes, now you can learn some great money management skills and receive college credit at the same time.

Course Name: Business Management

Teacher: Mr. Greene

Do you consider yourself a leader? Want to become a leader? Then this course is for you. Business Management introduces and develops skills necessary for effective leadership. Topics include key traits of strong leaders and motivation of others. You can even earn college credit upon successful completion of the course.


Course Name: Marketing

Teacher: Mr. Greene

This class is designed for students who may be interested in a career in sales or marketing. There are lots of hands on projects where you will get the chance to work with your friends and make your own television commercials. You can even earn college credit at the completion of the course!

Course Name:  Technology Sampler

Teacher:  Mrs. Diamond

Not sure which computer course to enroll in? Discover your technology interests by taking the Technology Sampler class to “sample” a variety of topics such as web design, programming, micro-controllers, photo editing, and overall general basics of hardware & software.


NOTE: AP English classes are FULL-YEAR classes and require summer reading.

Advanced Placement

Students in these courses are strongly encouraged to participate in the Advanced Placement examination administered by the College Board in May.


Course Name: AP English Language and Composition

Teacher: Mrs. Giguere

This course focuses on college level work and teaches you to deconstruct arguments and rhetorical strategies in mostly non-fiction works.  You will learn to maximize your argument and/or effectiveness across different forms; you can expect a wide variety of writing.  In short, you will read a range of materials and focus on making your writing effective and clear.  The skills you learn in this class are broadly applicable to not only the humanities, but the social sciences as well.

Course Name: AP English Literature

Teacher: Mrs. Wooding

This reading intensive course focuses on college level work and teaches you to read and analyze works of literature with different lenses.  You will work to discover a work’s theme or intent, as opposed to analyzing its argument or effectiveness.  Your essays for class will be mainly analytical and you will be expected to use literary devices as evidence.

Course Name:  CP Journalism 1

Teacher:  Mrs. DeWinkeleer

  • Open to grades 9-12. May be used as a senior English for grade 12, but it is an elective for grades 9, 10 & 11
  • This is a full-year class.
  • Once you have taken J1, you can apply to be an editor in journalism 2.

When you take Journalism 1 as a class, you are automatically a reporter for the award-winning print and online publication The Lancer Spirit.  

As a reporter you will learn how to interview sources and how to write a variety of articles: news, features, sports, opinion, reviews, etc. You will get a press pass so you can cover school events and write articles that highlight what students and teachers in our school are doing. 

Plus, now that we have both an online AND print version of the publication, you will get the opportunity to publish your work in a variety of ways.  Throughout the year you’ll do a lot of writing, but you’ll also learn about photography, design, videos and podcasts as well. 

Please see Mrs. DeWinkeleer or any Lancer Spirit staff member in room 411 with questions. 

Click on other stories on to see what The Lancer Spirit is all about.

Course Name: CP Sophomore Humanities

Teacher: Mrs. Jarzabek & Mrs. Borgatti

Sophomore Humanities– an alternative for sophomores that blends your U.S. History and English requirements together in one project-based class.

If you enjoy discussion, art, music, drama, and group projects this is the class for you.

IMG_1726 (2)

NOTE: ALL English electives (except for AP Lit, AP Lang and journalism 1) are SEMESTER classes, so seniors needing their senior English credit will need to select TWO of the following classes.

The following Dual Enrollment college courses are offered for college and high school credit through SNHU and LHS for a fee.  All courses are aligned with SNHU requirements.

Course Name: CP Public Speaking 

Teachers: Mrs. Standbridge & other English teachers who may vary

“Most importantly, I overcame my biggest fear and proved to myself that I could do something that I once thought was impossible.” – Julia K.

​Approximately 75% of the population suffers from speech anxiety, the fear of public speaking. You are not alone! Come develop the tools and skills that you need to overcome this fear and become a better, more confident, and effective speaker. This is THE class that every student should take before leaving high school!​

Course Name: Honors College Composition

Teacher: Mrs. McCabe

This course focuses on instruction, practice, and mastery of various analytical writing styles used in and expected of college level coursework.  Narration, exposition, literary analysis, the position paper, the proposal, and other styles of writing will be addressed.

Course Name: Honors Creative Writing

Teacher: Mrs. Shank

“For me, receiving an assignment with no guidelines that simply said “write,” was terrifying. I was used to strict instructions and harsh guidelines when it came to writing…the lack of rules has become my favorite thing about creative writing. I have been able to write freely, out of my comfort zone, and with no restrictions.”  (H.H.)

“I was finally able to release the part of me that would rather live in a fantasy-thank you for that opportunity…I absolutely loved the freedom we were given to expand our individual imaginations. It taught me how to listen to my own ideas for stories…this course was really just a great outlet for stories I had had in my head since I first started attending the school.” (S.M.)

Do you want an amazing opportunity to finally write freely the stories you have always wanted to tell?  HCW will give you that and more! This class exposes students to the craft of creative writing as well as in-depth personal revision. We move at a great pace, with lots of freedom, but still fulfilling the high expectations of an honors course.

Course Name: CP Writing Workshop

Teacher: English teachers may vary

This course is designed for students who desire to express their ideas and feelings creatively and analytically through disciplined writing.  Emphasis will be placed on developing previously learned skills.  Students will improve their writing through peer conferencing, editing, and student/teacher evaluation.

Course Name: Honors Writing Workshop

Teacher: English teachers may vary

This course is designed for students already proficient in writing who wish to extend their proficiency through advanced styles of creative and analytical writing. They will improve their writing skills through peer conferencing, editing, and self-evaluation.  Recommendation of current instructor is required.

Course Name: Dramatic Literature

Teacher: English teachers may vary

This course concentrates on reading, discussing, and the analysis of dramatic works from ancient times to the present, including comedies, social dramas, and satires.

Course Name: Classic Film 

Teacher: Mr. Brand

Prerequisite needed? Open to seniors

In this course, you will watch movies and write about relevant themes. It’s an English class for kids that don’t like to read, or students that love movies.




Course Name: Science Fiction Experience

Teacher: English teachers may vary

This course is designed to stimulate the imagination through reading, writing, and investigation of science-fiction phenomena.

Course Name: CP Women in Literature

Teacher: Mrs. Shank

“I really enjoyed starting my day off with this class. I was able to learn a lot about literature, and it was a small class so I was able to get to know everyone. I loved how we could be honest and open with each other and then bond over common experiences. My eyes were opened to the fact that we all have stories to share, burdens to bear, and advice to give. We honestly had a blast! (B.N.)

“Take this class!  It’s nice to talk about real-life situations and connect with girls you wouldn’t normally befriend. I learned a lot about myself and life in general. Trust me-you won’t regret it.”(O.S.)

Have you wanted an opportunity to connect with other ladies on a different level? Do you have an interest in current events? Want to engage in round table discussion about literature that you can relate to?  Try this course out…the atmosphere and curriculum is unique and one that will leave a lasting impression.

Course Name: CP Contemporary Literature

Teacher: English teachers may vary

This course selects material used to enhance student appreciation of the post-WWII human condition.  There is a focus on timeless conflicts and issues we face today.  Assignments help students improve their critical and analytical skills.  Verbal and written expression receive emphasis, as does vocabulary development.

Course Name: Media Literacy and the Digital Age (Practical and College Prep levels available)

Teacher: English teachers may vary

Students develop media literacy skills through discussions, projects, and critical thinking to understand the motivation behind the messages constructed by media. The focus will be on how these messages impact the way we communicate, interpret the world around us, and what puts our privacy at risk in today’s digital age.

Course Name: CP World Literature

Teacher: English teachers may vary

This course is designed for students who wish to broaden their reading experiences with selections from European, Greek, African, Latin American, Icelandic, and East Asian authors.

Course Name: CP Science Fiction 

Teacher: Mr. Juster, Mr. Demas & other English teachers who may vary

Are UFO’s real? Did you know the first documented alien abduction happened in NH? Who or what built the pyramids? How does everyone know vampires can be killed with a wooden stake – it isn’t taught in school. These questions, and classic works you will refer to in college papers again and again, are all a part of this college prep course. C’mon in.

Note: this class qualifies as a general elective only.

Course Name: Sports Journalism

Teacher: Mr. Brand

Prerequisite needed? Open to seniors and select juniors. 

Discuss current events, read Friday Night Lights, and watch a sample of some of the best sports films ever made.

Students will write a letter to a sports figure, conduct interviews for stories, and cover an event if time allows.

Female students welcome!

If you hate sports and hate to read & write, this might not be the best class for you…

Family and Consumer Sciences

Teacher Name: Mrs. Anderson

2Human Relations – A class that’s all about you and how to develop healthy relationships with your friends, family, coworkers and in your community. We talk about personalities, effective communication, decision making, friendships, dating, love, marriage, stress, diversity and community.

1Independent Living and Money Management – To help prepare students to live independently. Topics include consumerism, banking, decision making, money management, banking, loans, buying and financing a car, credit, renting, leasing, cooking skills, food safety, and laundry.

Introduction to Foods–  Introductory course for all students covering basic food preparation and kitchen safety.  Major emphasis is given to lab experience as well as cooking demonstrations.  We will make breakfast foods, dinners and desserts to set you up for success feeding yourself in the future. If you like to cook or if you are looking to gain valuable experience while having fun, this is the class for you!

Foods II-  This class is designed for those students interested in a more in-depth study of food with a major emphasis on lab experience.  Some topics covered include advanced food preparation, baking and foods around the world.

Design in Clothing-  This class will focus on basic sewing skills and construction techniques.  Major emphasis is given to clothing construction, quilting and individual projects.  You will learn skills that will last a life time.  Interested in a career in fashion or interior design, then this is for you.

Clothing Construction- This class is for students who want to fine-tune skills learned in Design in Clothing. Emphasis is given to selecting  appropriate fabrics  and patterns while constructing quality garments, quilts and individual projects.  You will also  learn about fiber identification, fabric construction and careers in fashion.  This is a hands on course offering valuable experience.

Parenting and Children-  This class is designed to help students learn about child development from birth to age six.  We will also examine the responsibilities, rewards and challenges of working with children and providing for their care.  We will work with children at Moosehill School and plan festivities for our annual Fun Fest.


Course Name: Probability and Statistics A Level 

Teacher Name: Mrs. Thomas

Did you know that every college major requires you to take a Statistics class even if your major is a non-math major? Get a head start before you go to college and take Probability and Statistics A.


Topics reviewed in this course include but are not limited to: basic measure of central tendency and variability, frequency distributions, probability, the binomial distribution, the normal distribution, sampling of distributions, estimation of parameters, confidence levels and hypothesis testing, simple regression and correlation analysis. The computer program Minitab will also be used in this course to help prep you for future college statistics courses.


This class is a great fit for all who have passed Algebra 2A and Geometry A. There are many students who take this course concurrent with Pre-Calculus or Calculus.

Course Name: Probability and Statistics B Level 

Teacher Name: Ms. DeArville

Ms. DeArville said her new favorite math class to teach is PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS B level – At the perfect pace for those who might struggle with math comes Probability and Statistics B level.  You will learn about Standard Deviation, Confidence Intervals, Normal Distributions as well as Probability topics including permutations and combinations as well as other topics.

New topics, classwork, discussion and some homework (yes, you will have homework!) this class is a great fit for all who have passed Algebra 2B and Geometry B!   Many colleges and majors need a statistics course, even if your major is a non-math major.  There are statistics courses for Psychology and other liberal arts… Come learn the basics with us!

If you have done well in math and completed Algebra 2A and Geometry A, then sign up for Probability and Statistics A level and continue learning at the right pace for you!

Course Name: Trigonometry (B level) 

Teacher Name: Ms. DeArville

Trigonometry is a great class for all who have passed

Algebra 2B and Geometry B!  (If you passed Algebra 2A and Geometry A – you will be able to see Trigonometry concepts when you take Pre-Calculus.)

My favorite lesson in Trigonometry is when we go outside and measure the angle of elevation to the top of the flagpole and then find the height of the flagpole using a simple equation.  It is great to see how it is used in the real world.  Many careers use Trigonometry including Criminology, Architecture, Construction, Game Development, Surveying, Aviation and even Music Theory and Production!

Course Name: Finite Math 

Teacher Name: Mrs. Bound

This course will deal with various advanced mathematics topics and their connections to real life modeling problems and business applications. Topics will include linear equations, matrices, linear programming, graphing and simplex method, finance, sets and counting, and logic.

Students can borrow/purchase a graphing calculator and will learn the essential functions to complete problems.

This course is good for students going to school for business or non-math related major but still interested in the real life applications of what math means to them.  You will be graded on homework, classwork, quizzes, tests, projects, and group work.

This is a one semester course for students coming from either Geometry A or CP Precal A and not interested in taking Calculus.

This class earns 3 credits as a Project Running Start dual enrollment through Manchester Community College.


Course Name: AP Statistics 

Teacher Name: Ms. Viel

Interested in mathematics, engineering, business, biological sciences, or the social sciences? Or just want to know how to get better use out of your graphing calculator!? Then consider enrolling in AP Statistics! The purpose of AP Statistics is to introduce students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. This will be accomplished through the following major units of study: I Exploring Data; II. Sampling and Experimentation; III. Anticipating Patterns; and IV. Statistical Inference.


Course Name: Guitar

Teacher: Mr. Mundy

This music course is designed for students who have an interest in learning basic guitar skills. Units of study will include rhythm and lead playing styles, chord progressions, basic tablature and standard music notation, and an introduction to improvisation. Students will work in solo and ensemble settings learning and performing music from the modern era. It is helpful if students own their own guitar, however the school will provide instruments for students who do not. This class is specifically designed for beginners, more advanced players may be given supplemental materials.

Course Name: Piano

Teacher: Mrs. Loschiavo

This music instruction course is designed for students who have an interest in learning basic piano skills. Notation reading, study of major and minor scales, chords, progressions, and harmonization with melodies will be learned, practiced and performed. Solo, duet and some ensemble works from different periods will also be included. Students should have access to a piano or keyboard outside of school, as daily practice will be expected. This class is especially suited for the beginning pianist.

Course Name: CP Music Theory

This is a program designed to introduce the serious-minded musician to the basic fundamentals of music and the complexities of analyzing musical elements and structures. Participants in this course must be able to read and understand music notation at an intermediate level. Students will learn to identify key signatures, define intervals, build and identify chord structures, take melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic dictation, develop keyboard familiarity, sight-sing musical notation, and develop musical vocabulary.

In addition, students will construct major and minor scales, analyze form, and study tonality and modality. Through the study of elementary harmony, students will analyze and compose four-part harmonization of melodies, using primary and secondary chords, and will progress through learning how to compose music of their own.

This course is offered concurrently for college and high school credit through SNHU and Londonderry High School.

Approval of the instructor

Phys. Ed./Health

Phys Ed.Course Name:  Interactive Physical Education

Teacher: Ms. MacLean

This is a physical education class which is an elective and is taken to help those students that have physical or emotional issues that get in the way of them being successful in a regular PE class.  These students work in a 1:1 environment which leads to a greater success. This is a great class for future teachers, science, or anyone working with kids.

Course Name:  Contemporary Issues in Health

Teacher: Mrs. Lafore

Interested in a future profession in the Health field? This class may be the perfect elective for you! Come join the Contemporary Issue in Health class. This course is designed to allow students to investigate a variety of health issues related to lifestyle choices and behaviors. Using class discussions and independent research students will examine several aspects of current health topics and trends and have an opportunity to develop and defend their own individual philosophies on these topics.

Course Name:  Healthy Lifestyles

Teacher: Mrs. Lafore

Need an elective? Looking for a class that is all about you?? Come join the Healthy Lifestyles Class. A class where you get to focus on yourself!! Explore topics of Nutrition, Fitness, Body Image, Stress Management and Positive Relationships through many guest speakers, field trips and fun classroom experiences. This class is open to all students who have passed Health or Wellness, PE1, and Sophomore PE Elective.

Some Quotes from students:

  • “I really enjoyed the set up of this class and how each day covered a different topic.”
  • “It gives you a new outlook on yourself and the people you surround yourself with. It helps you maintain positive and remain stress free.”

Course Name:  Strength and Conditioning

This course aims to provide students with an opportunity to complete detailed weight training programs specifically focused upon personal athletic goals. The course material delivered encompasses components of strength and conditioning and personal fitness goal achievement. The course will allow students to complete workouts emphasizing general fitness and overall well-being and utilize the school weight room during the day. The course is conducted in the gym and requires students to follow stringent technique and health and safety guidelines. Students will be required to keep a strength journal and design a personal fitness plan. All students are welcome, including athletes however, athletes who are in season or pre and post season are still required to complete their team lifts if enrolled in the course. They must complete the course requirements daily, participation in athletics or team lifts does not exempt them from participation and participation in class does not exempt them from team lifts.

Health or Wellness, PE1, and PE II

Course Notes:
This course is a Running Start course. This course can be taken twice for high school credit but only once for Running Start credit

Course Name: Athletic Training/Sports Medicine I

This course is designed for the student who is interested in athletic training, physical therapy, or in simply improving his or her own performance in life and on the playing field. The topics to be explored are the responsibilities of an Athletic Trainer, basic anatomy and physiology, first aid and CPR, emergency procedures, tissue response to healing, protective sports equipment, training and conditioning principles, and nutritional considerations. The material will be presented in the form of lectures, practical hands-on experience, guest speakers, integration of technology, and field trips. This course will include a practicum where students will be asked to work with an athletic team/trainer outside of school hours.

Health or Wellness

Course Name: Athletic Training/Sports Medicine I

Athletic Training/Sports Medicine II-

This course is designed to provide opportunities for students to gain valuable information on sport science related topics while continuing their Athletic Training studies. Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Nutrition, Skill Acquisition, and Sport Psychology topics will be incorporated into various sport units allowing students to apply learned theoretical skills into practical scenarios. In addition, students will study specific regions of the body and take an in-depth look at injuries to the foot, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, spine, and head/face. Students are required to participate in classroom and physical activities, and complete a practicum where they will be asked to observe and possibly assist a certified team trainer. The material will be presented in the form of lectures, guest speakers, practical demonstrations and field trips.

Athletic Training I/Sports Medicine

Course Name: Women’s Fitness

The Women’s Fitness course will give female students the tools and resources needed to be physically fit and healthy for a lifetime. The variety of exercises, techniques and equipment used will allow students to experience many different ways to exercise and “work out”, which will likely lead to them finding exercises they enjoy and want to continue performing after completing the course. Students will also learn how to create their own Health and Fitness plans that work towards specific health, fitness and career goals, find valid health and fitness information and understand influences on their health and lifestyle choices.

Prerequisites: PE I


Course Name: Advanced Placement Environmental Science 

Teacher: Mr. Grant

What is biodiversity and does it matter? How does the Earth change over hundreds of millions of years?  How has evolution played a role in shaping today’s biosphere? Are humans changing the global climate on Earth? How have humans affected the Earth? The goal of the AP Environmental Science course is to provide students with the knowledge to answer these questions and many more.

During the course scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world are investigated.  Students will be able to identify and analyze environmental problems both natural and human-made, to evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems, and to examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing them.

Environmental science is interdisciplinary; it embraces a wide variety of topics from different areas of study. The AP Environmental Science course is designed to be the equivalent of a one-semester, introductory college course in environmental science. This course has been developed to enable students to undertake, as first-year college students, a more advanced study of topics in environmental science or, alternatively, to fulfill a basic requirement for a laboratory science and thus free time for taking other courses.

Students take several trips throughout the year including visits to the New England Aquarium and a field-study of Mt. Kearsarge.


This course is offered concurrently for high school credit and college credit through Manchester Community College.

For more information on these classes, click here to view a slide presentation.

Course Name: Microbiology/Biomedical Science and Technology

NAME CHANGE ALERT: Previously named Biotechnology (Honors or CP A option available)

Grade 11-12

A note about Biomedical Science and Technology :

Students definitely entering human or animal medically related fields, several engineering fields, computer programming, etc. should consider taking these courses.  They are both college option courses and the 2 period class provides college credits for a college sophomore level microbiology course which is definitely a requirement in any medical field including bioengineering.

Course Description:

The biotechnology industry has exploded on both the local and national scale creating an expanding need for a trained workforce. Biotechnology is applied biology; it allows us to use organisms to make useful products. Traditional biotechnology products include foods such as cheese and bread. Some examples of modern biotechnology products include medicines produced in microbes, gene therapies to treat illnesses, crops that are modified to be more productive or nutritious, and organisms that can degrade environmental contaminants. Hands-on exposure to tools and protocols used in the field of biotechnology (including medical microbiology) will occur throughout the year. Therapeutic pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical diagnostic testing, forensics, agriculture, good manufacturing procedures, bioinformatics, and bioethics are just a few of the topics that will be investigated through the use of microorganisms and plants.

Students will have the option of taking this course for honors or college preparatory level A credit.

NCAA Approved.


CP Biology A or B, Honors Biology, or CP Biology A with Biomedical Science and Technology (formerly known as Biology Through Biotechnology)

Course Notes:

**Note: Double period.

Because 4 credits for a sophomore college level microbiology course are available, this course is recommended for students interested in pursuing a career in the medical or bioengineering/biomedical field.

Students have the opportunity to agree to an Honors Biotechnology contract.

Course Name: CP Biology A with Biomedical Science and Technology

NAME CHANGE ALERT: Previously named Biology through Biotechnology

Teacher: Mrs. Girvin

Grade 10

Course Description:

BiologyA with Biomedical Science and Technology is a tenth grade laboratory course designed to provide students with an intensive investigative approach to biological concepts. Through various hands-on activities (including extensive laboratory experiments) students will study a multitude of topics including, but not limited to, molecular biology, cellular biology, microbiology, genetics, immunology, evolution and ethical issues. These topics will be explored within the context of biotechnology, communicable disease and ecology. Through the use of research investigations, students will begin to develop laboratory skills and techniques that are valued in modern scientific communities. NCAA approved. ***College Preparatory A level course*** 

Prerequisite: CP Freshman Science

Course Notes:
*Fulfills state requirements for biology

beakerCourse Name: Advanced Topics in Chemistry

Teacher: Mrs. Fraser

Thinking of becoming a Doctor?  Dentist?  Physician’s Assistant?  Biochemist?  Engineer?  Pharmacist?  Dietitian?

Advanced Topics will give you that extra advantage that no one would have:  Exposure to Organic Chemistry.

It is known that Organic Chemistry is the number ONE most often flunked course in college.  It is also THE course that Medical Schools, Dental Schools and Pharmaceutical Schools look at to determine if you have what it takes to continue on in these fields.  Research the colleges you are interested in and find out what courses you would have to take if you go there. 

If Organic Chemistry is one of the required courses, then you really should sign up for Advanced Topics.  It will help you achieve your goals and it will make a huge difference in how well you perform taking College Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Advanced Topics in Chemistry is an Honors Class.

Course Requirements:

*Honor Chemistry (SPAM) Grade no lower than a C

*CP Chemistry-A Grade no lower than a B

conorMaddieCourse Name: CP Forensic Science

Teacher: Mrs. Whitehead

This is a one semester elective offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors.  This is a lab centered class that covers many topics in forensic science. Topics include evidence and crime scenes,  fingerprints, bite-marks, time of death, forensic entomology, blood spatter analysis, and forensic anthropology to name a few.

It’s fun, fast-paced and hands-on.

Course Name: Anatomy and Physiology

Teacher: Mr. Burgess, Ms. Nelson

The Anatomy & Physiology class at LHS has become a very good class at preparing students for College Level Anatomy & Physiology. It is an excellent class for students interested in pursuing a career in the Medical field. Students who are interested in nursing, or becoming a doctor, surgeon, Physician’s Assistant, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist or Psychiatrist, or a Veterinarian or similar careers typically take Anatomy & Physiology in college and beyond.

Since this class has a lot of memorization to it, taking the class for a second time in college usually results in a higher grade. Many of our past students have found Anatomy much easier in college than here at LHS. Even some students who weren’t very successful here have earned A’s in college.


We cover Human Anatomy and Physiology and cover the entire college text book in the Honors and A level and Most of the book in the B level. The class covers the topics at a College pace for the Honors and A level. The students are required to complete dissections. There has been a lot of research recently on the benefit of actual dissections for learning anatomy over other ways of learning anatomy. The students will dissect a cat and various organs.

Levels Offered
There are currently 3 levels of Anatomy & Physiology offered at LHS: Honors, A and B.

The Honors and A level can be taken as a Project Running Start class and earn College credit. However, the student will usually have to take Anatomy & Physiology in college but often can receive credit for an elective or introductory Biology class.

The Anatomy & Physiology Honors and A classes at LHS go over the same topics as Anatomy I and Anatomy II in college and this year it has been upgraded to two Running Start classes, one for each semester. So you can earn 2 college course credits through Project Running Start.

Honors: This level is for students who have done very well in Biology or Honors Biology and Chemistry. Test questions are harder, more thinking type and open-ended questions, and there is more work expected for labs and other work. It requires a lot of time for proper learning of the material for the assessments.

A Level: This level is for students who have been successful in Biology, Honors Biology and Chemistry. It is a good fit for students who have a lot of time commitments in other Honors or AP classes, work and athletics and other hobbies. It still requires a lot of time for proper preparation for assessments.

B level: This level is for students who have been successful at the B level of Biology and Chemistry. It covers most of the same topics as the A level but at a slower pace and easier testing. It still requires a lot of time for proper preparation for tests.

Course Name: Advanced Placement Biology

Teacher: Ms. Borroto

Full Year for grades 11 – 12

This science course will be inquiry-based, as designed by the College Board, and will be centered around four big ideas: evolution, energetics, information storage and transmission, and systems interactions. Students will gain the ability to design their own investigations by engaging in twelve inquiry labs which supplement the content covered. The course will help students develop fundamental lab skills to prepare them for lab courses, including using various tools, keeping a lab notebook, and using statistical analysis to interpret data.

Prerequisites: Honors Biology or CP Biology A required. Honors or CP Chemistry A recommended, but not required (can be taken concurrently with AP Biology)

Course Name: Advanced Placement Physics

Teacher: Mr. Cariello

Full Year for grades 10 – 12

Prerequisites: CP Algebra 2 (grade of B or better) or higher

This science course is an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics course. Students cultivate their understanding of physics through inquiry-based investigations as they explore these topics: kinematics, dynamics, circular motion and gravitation, energy, momentum, simple harmonic motion, torque and rotational motion, electric charge and electric force, DC circuits, and mechanical waves and sound.

Social Studies

Class name: Multicultural History

Teacher: Mrs. Prough

Prerequisite needed? None

Curious about other cultures here in America and their history? Want to know more about the experiences and traditions of Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, African Americans and women? This course is designed to teach you more about these groups and encourage you to explore other groups that may interest you. Discussion​s and projects will be a big part of this course as we explore common experiences that make us Americans.

​This course is offered at the College Prep and Honors Level.

IMG_1729(2)Course Name: CP Sophomore Humanities

Teacher: Mrs. Jarzabek & Mr. Paone

Sophomore Humanities– an alternative for sophomores that blends your U.S. History and English requirements together in one project-based class.

If you enjoy discussion, art, music, drama, and group projects, this is the class for you.


Course Name: Honors World Geography 

Teacher: Mr. Choquette

The course is a survey class covering the same curriculum as Geo 200 offered at Southern New Hampshire University.  The class is a cultural geography class that covers a variety of the world’s regions: The Americas and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, South and East Asia and Oceania.  At S.N.H.U., the class is required in a variety of majors including politics, international business, environmental science, travel and tourism and education.  A further advantage of the class is that it is NOT taught by either Mr. Courtemanche or Mr. Miller.

Students will have the option to obtain 3 credits at S.N.H.U.

Course Name: AP Comparative Government and Politics 

Teacher: Mrs. GibsonGlobe.png

This is slightly different from other AP courses in that the curriculum is a bit more fluid and both global and contemporary.  The countries covered will be Britain, the US, Mexico, Nigeria, the Russian Federation, Iran and China.  Additionally, some time will be devoted to the EU.

As with other AP courses, requirements will be rigorous and preparation to take the AP exam in May will be first and foremost.

Course Name:  AP Psychology

Teacher: Ms.  Gagnon

AP Psychology is a challenging course that is equivalent to a college course and can possibly earn students a college credit by scoring well on the AP Exam in May. It is a course designed “to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of behavior and mental processes of human beings  and other animals. Students are exposed to the psychological facts, DSC_0464principles, and phenomena associated with each of the major sub fields within psychology.

They also learn about the ethics and methods psychologists use in their science and practice” (Advanced Placement Course Description in Psychology). Solid reading and writing skills, along with a willingness to devote considerable time to homework and study, are necessary to succeed. The course incorporates hands-on activities in all units where applicable.

Course Name:  CP Psychology

Teacher: Ms.  Gagnon

Want to learn a bit about why you and your friends do the things they do?  CP Psychology just might be for you!  This course is designed as an introduction to study the social and biological explanations for human behavior.

Areas of study covered include the biological basis of behavior, states of consciousness, sensation and perception, lifespan development, stress and health, learning and memory, personality, and psychological disorders.

The course will be based on class discussions, various selected readings, individual and group projects, and many in class activities.

Course Name: AP US HistoryUS

Teacher: Mrs. Wakelin, Mr. Willis

This course covers United States History from pre-Columbian times and European contact to present day.  It is a fast paced, intense study of the political, economic, social, and military changes of the American landscape.  There is heavy emphasis on reading, analyzing, and discussing primary and secondary sources in preparation for the AP Exam. 

Course Name: AP Government

Teacher: Mr. Miller, Mrs. Prough

Like politics? What an in depth understanding about how our Federal Government really works? AP Gov is a full year course that explores Campaigns & Elections, the Media, Political Parties, Interest Groups, Civil Liberties, as  well as the powers of Congress, Federal Courts & the Presidency. This class will also examine the current political events that are driving the daily news cycle. AP Gov is a dynamic & rigorous course & is geared for academically minded students interested in American politics.

Students taking AP Government are not required to take Civics.  

Course Name: AP European History

Teacher: To be determined

Prerequisite: Recommendation of current instructor

This course is a survey of European history from 1350 to the present, including the Renaissance, Age of Reason, Napoleonic era, World Wars 1 and 2, and contemporary trends. Elements of political, economic, and cultural development are covered using a variety of media and approaches. The course is designed to provide a fast-paced and intensive experience in reading, writing, and research skills. NCAA approved.

Course Name: CP Sociology

Teacher: Mrs. Prugh, Mrs. Jarzabek

This course is designed to be an overview of sociology with a focus on culture. Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of essential sociology vocabulary. Students will apply their knowledge of basic sociological concepts by analyzing our culture, comparing and contrasting the United States culture with others, and exploring the nuances of various cultures. This course should prepare students to be able to better understand the actions and behaviors of others in our own culture and other cultures as well.

Course Name: Philosophy

Teacher: Mr. Miller

You’ve heard of the World’s Greatest Philosophers – Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, Descartes, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche…

What did they say about the Big Questions we have about our lives? What are we Supposed to do Here? How can I achieve the “Good Life”? What is Happiness? Sign up for Philosophy & discover what they said!

The class includes lectures & lively discussions as well as yoga every other Friday.

Philosophy is offered as a College Prep Course & also as an Honors Level Course.    

DSCN2471Course Name: World at War

Students were given a packet of catapult designs, and worked together to recreate these designs using specific materials, such as popsicle sticks and rubber bands.

Teacher: Mr. Courtemanche

The course is an in depth study of World War One and Two.  The class is very interactive with a lot of debates and discussions.  Students will learn all about the causes of both wars, the major figures during the conflicts, and the battles that took place.  There is even an outdoor mock battle. 

You can take the course as either honors or college prep.

NOTE: We also play with lots of puppies every day and Tom Brady visits class most Fridays.

Course Name: Current Issues 

Current Issues

Teacher: Mrs. Jarzabek

In this class students get to discuss and learn about the major topics of the day such as gun control, abortion, human trafficking, the death penalty, etc…..

Students will also have an opportunity to discuss any issues that are currently being talked about by the media that they are interested in.

PoliceCourse Name: Law Studies

This class is a semester long, is offered both first and second semesters to juniors and seniors.  Occasionally I will allow a sophomore to take the class, but it is at my discretion.

It not only gives the students some practical knowledge of the Law, covering a variety of Law and Law enforcement fields, but helps students understand far more about #collegeandcareerready in many different areas.  

Guest speakers are a highlight of the class and movies supplement many of the discussion topics. Practical knowledge of your rights and how to protect them are covered even if you aren’t interested in pursuing this field. Join us!

Teaching (FEA)

Course Name: 

First Semester students take CP Exploring the Art of Teaching (FEA)

Second Semester students take CP Practicing the Art of Teaching, which is a part of

Teacher: Mr. Smith

Little Lancer

So you think you have what it takes to teach? These two courses open to juniors and seniors promises an extensive exploration of the teaching profession.  You will have the opportunity to complete various career activities, including classroom observations, and create your own classroom lessons!  

In addition to learning the ins and outs of education, you will have the chance for valuable hands-on experience by teaching your own lesson to a group of actual students and by creating activities and games for Little Lancer Day!

Technology Education

Course Name: Basic Video Production

Teacher: Teachers may vary

NO PREREQUISITES, Grades 9-12, fulfills art or computer credit requirement

What will I do? Record on camcorders and mobile devices. Interview people around the school. Write scripts. Shoot and edit a short film including sound effects and music. Make a stop motion video. Produce a spoof commercial. Improve your skills shooting video and learn more.

Course Name:  Digital Media Production/Advanced Digital Media Production

Teacher Name: Teachers may vary

NO PREREQUISITES. Grades 11 & 12 – Full Year – May take both years.

Fulfills the Technology (ICT) Requirement.

What will I do? Make short films, enter contests, produce music videos, make spoof commercials, create single and multi-camera productions, shoot, edit and upload video from your phone, and gain professional experience from opportunities outside of class.

Everyone will produce, direct, write, and edit a variety of video projects. Great skills for anyone whether or not planning on a media career. College and career options are discussed.

Graduates of the program have gone on to many different colleges majoring in multimedia. Alumni are feature film/documentary editors, music video cinematographers, a videographer on Live reality TV and video game designers.

Course Name: Audio Production & Podcasting

Teacher: Teachers may vary


Podcasts will be heard on WLLO-LP, 102.9 FM and Online

What will I learn? Sound recording, audio editing, interviewing, conversational writing and how to speak on-air.

What kind of podcasts can I make? Discuss your favorite YouTube channels, movies or TV shows. Review video games. Sports talk or commentary. What are you interested in? Bring your ideas. Can I do music shows? You sure can!

Course Name: Online Multimedia

Teacher: Teachers may vary

NO PREREQUISITES. Grades 9-12 – Single Semester

Fulfills the Restricted Electives – ARTS requirement.

What will I do?  Record and edit high quality audio and video. Become a better photographer. Interview people. Write to be listened to, the way people really talk. Learn how to promote activities and events. Develop social media content. Create podcasts. Cover events. Make a music show.

The class is entirely hands-on, and project based. Student work is featured on Lancer Spirit Online (LSO), WLLO-LP, our FM and online radio station and Lancer Media’s Instagram and Twitter. Students should be able to work independently after media skills are acquired.

Course Name: Metals

Teacher: Mr. DeCloux

OPEN to grades 9 – 12.

Fulfills MATH experience requirement.

Enjoy FOUR semesters of ADVANCED METALS. Exploring Metals, Metals Tech, Advanced Metals

Come on down and make some beautiful, useful HANDS-ON projects in this fun, collaborative, interesting and unique class.  ​

Create and Design your own projects from ROSES, RINGS and other jewelry to large complex projects like FIRE PITS, CAR AND TRUCK PARTS, and everything in-between!  DESIGN, CREATE and LEARN.

JOBS and SKILLS in Robotics, manufacturing, welding, machining, aluminum casting, sheet metal come in handy.

Course Name: WoodworkingPicture2

Teacher: Mr. CiccarelloPicture5

There are many woodworking courses offered at LHS. Woodworking is not just for the student that wants to do this for a living but also for students who are looking for an enjoyable class where they can make some awesome projects while learning valuable skills.

The atmosphere is relaxed and students can work at their own pace with plenty of one on one teacher assistance. Many classes are designed for students with little or no woodworking experience. There is even an advanced level class that will challenge those experienced students to new heights!

Courses Offered: Exploring Woodworking Skills, Woodworking Technology, Advanced Woodworking Tech., Entrepreneurial Woodworking.

Course Name: Entrepreneurial Woodworking

Teacher: Mr. Ciccarello

This class is designed for the student that may want to own their own business someday (does not have to be a woodworking business!). The class will be set up as a company (Lancer Custom Woodworking). Students will take orders for some custom woodworking from real customers. Students will then create sketches, bill of material and finally a written estimate that they will present to the customer.

Students will then build the product and present it to the customer. This is a great, fun way to experience what it is like to have your own business. Mr. Ciccarello has his own business and will share many real life experiences to students as they move through the course.

Prerequisite: You must have taken at least one of the following woodworking classes to take this course:

  • Exploring Woodworking Skills
  • Woodworking Tech.
  • Advanced Woodworking
  • Open to grades 10-12

Mr. Ciccarello talks about his Entrepreneurial Woodworking class in the podcast produced by Mrs. Robinson’s Audio Production and Podcasting class.


World Languages

Course Name: French Culture through Film

Teacher: Ms. Conrad

 Open to grades 11 and 12, no prerequisites

 Level of class: College Prep

 Description of the class: A 90-minute movie can reveal a century of history, culture, and language — IF you know what to watch for. Grab your beret and some popcorn and get in the front row for this look at the nation that invented cinema!

Powered by the magic of film, we’ll view stories and events that not only define France but inspire many of our own most popular entertainments.

It’s your ticket to greater knowledge and appreciation of the world as seen on the big screen, sharing insights and reviews with your fellow LHS film critics. We will analyze how French films help to establish or call into question what it means to be French. Films will be primarily in French with English subtitles.

In addition to viewing films, the class will read literary sources and articles on film theory in English.


Course Name: German 1

Teacher: Frau Ent

No German experience required at all!

Level of class: College Prep

Course Description: German 1 is an introductory course that teaches students the basic of reading, writing, and speaking conversational German. German has a reputation as a “scary” language, but you’ll soon find out how beautiful, easy, and FUN it can be.

We also explore German history & modern-day events. This class combines short stories, songs, games, videos, and shows to help start you off with excellent, practical German. Some projects we do include our class pet wall (where you get to show off your furry family), writing about your celebrity crush, designing a restaurant & menu, and building your dream vacation to Germany.

We also run DuoLingo games & duels as optional supplements, and no homework required – As long as you’re getting your German in during class!

 Not convinced yet? Take it from my students:

 “Students should take German because it’s unique and not all schools have the ability to teach German. Since there are less people in the class as well, they can get more access to 1 on 1 help with you as well. Lastly, you’re like the best teacher ever and all upcoming students would love to have you as a teacher.” -GH

 “You should take German because not only is it a fun language to learn but you also have a smaller class of people that you learn and grow with over the years, you become more comfortable with the class and you stick with them during your language journey.” -SJ

 Stop by 518 to meet me and our class pet, Klaus, if you have any questions!


From the Tech Desk:

Some helpful hints about logging on to X2 

  • Please remember to use ALL lower case letters when entering your User Name.

  • Enter the same exact User Name and Password that you currently use to log onto a school computer.

  • If you need assistance, please see Mrs. Hutchins, Tech Assistant, in Lab 218. 

  • If your parents need assistance with their User Name and Password, please have them contact Abbey Sloper, Assistant Principal, House 1 at X2118.

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