Prom’s expensive…save money with this at-home updo tutorial

Liz Malone, Reporter

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to create a gorgeous updo for prom.  This hairstyle is simple enough for you to do yourself at home or or have one of your friends do for you.

Materials needed: hair spray, small elastics, bobby pins, curling iron

1. Curl all of the hair so that it is easy to work with (when the hair is curled, it is easier for it to stay in place).

2. Section off the two sides of hair on her head and the back. You want to make sure that both sides are equal. Then, dutch braid the hair going backward (it’s similar to French braiding, except you pull each strand of hair under instead of over).

3. Twist the middle back section of the hair into a bun. Also twist the hair, and bobby pin it to the back of her head to make sure it will stay in all night.

4. Wrap one braid at a time around the bun. As you do this, you need to bobby pin the braid into the bun and the back of her head so it stays in place. Make sure you do this to both sides.

5. This is what it should like when it is finished! Below are some more pictures.

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