I Could Fly


Art by Myah Teague and Rachel St. Louis.

Rachel St. Louis, Copy Chief

I could fly.

Colors spray up from the sea.

Not the ocean, not the sun, not the earth, but from the sky.

The boat rocked, you see.

It trembled on the waves of the atmosphere. I could fly.

The boat disappeared. I felt something behind me and turned to look.

The colorful sky had donned wings and fastened them to my back.

I could fly. Before me was a dangerous, rocky, violet brook.

The brook dribbled down to the earth. The violet created train tracks.

I could fly down to Earth and visit that train. A violet train.

It could go anywhere, birthed from a brook above.

Soon my wings vanished. All around me, and on my head, was an indigo rain.

I fell, fell, fell, and landed on a lavender seat in a violet train.

I could fly.