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We Are From 2020

Art by Andrew Crafts
Students share their thoughts on life during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic.

Students from the “Red Group” in Mrs. DeWinkeleer’s Eng 11 class each wrote a few lines to contribute to the following poem. They were inspired by the poem “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon.

In this poem, students (and Mrs. DeWinkeleer and Mrs. Macinnis) share their experiences of what it has been like during the last six months during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are from 2020.

I am from being stuck in the house. 

I am from struggling with online schooling. 

From the computer under the bed that worked every day and the textbook that lays dusty on the table. 

From staring at my frozen face during a Zoom meeting because too many people were using the WiFi at the same time, then having my students laughing good-naturedly at the weird face I was most likely making.

From starting my day with a 7am zoom meeting and working straight through 5:00 to make sure my students have the best support I can remotely give them.

I am from being home a lot more than I was used to.

From small, more frequent interactions with my children and husband that brought us closer as a family.

I am from staring at the ceiling for hours at a time. 

From being stuck playing video games when I wanted to go out with friends but couldn’t because my friends weren’t allowed to come. 

I am from the parent who forced me to get a job, but a mother wanting me to stay home.

I am from the dark room down the hallway that plays music all day and night, but is off once it’s morning. 

I am from family milestones come and gone, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, with only a phone call or facetime to acknowledge the day. Missing the hugs, laughs, and togetherness we have always known in the past.

I am from waiting for sports to come back. 

From being excited to go to the grocery store because I just wanted connection to the outside world. 

From wearing masks and being distanced from friends.

From driving around with friends after not seeing them. 

From binge-watching a lot of movies on TV.

I am from having a family not being strict about me going out.

From making a full size wiffle ball field in my backyard because there has been nothing better to do. 

I am from getting to sleep in a little later than 5:30am.

I am from being tired because I have trouble sleeping.

I am from working on my cars, fixing panels, brakes, rotors, fuel lines, fuel tank, sending unit. 

I am from the fudge in a tin coming from Vegas and the photos in the large envelope that never ends. 

I am from getting struck by lightning while walking by a lake. 

I am from fear. Fear brought about by the unknown of what is coming next.  Fear for family members as I watch them emotionally struggle through isolation.  

From fear for a family member receiving a cancer diagnosis and knowing there will be no one allowed to be with her in the hospital.  

I am from fear of the long term effects the past six months will have on my family.

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  • K

    Kelly Giguere
    Sep 18, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    Wow, English 11! This is such a great piece. I love that you created a collaborative poem to capture this unprecedented time. I look forward to trying something similar in class because Mrs. DeWinkeleer was kind enough to share the assignment!

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We Are From 2020