Artwork by Natalie Merhib

Art by Natalie Merhib

The Dandelion Wish

Written by Katia Chylinski


A child’s wish, 

released into April’s zephyr,

floats with a thousand seeds 

to await bloom on a bed of newborn grass,

soon taking root with great ardor

and flourishing in golden curtseys,

countless mirrors of the sun,

made for the grasp

of delighted cherubs in springtime;

As they bow to the sun’s embrace,

these blossoms evade the blades of man

who no longer explore the simple wonders

that wait at winter’s end;


When is the moment a child changes:

curiosity to apathy,

dreams to frivalties?

The scent of wild strawberries fades,

the colors of the meadow lose their vibrance,

the simple beauty in each day, soon eclipsed;

Is this a result of knowing 

or forgetting?

Wisdom or ignorance?


When did the precious dandelion become a weed?