How to read Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have a universal language in symbols, making them easy for anyone to read. Each card contains an image, name and number with a specific meaning that readers can apply to their own life, and work with to create a positive outcome. I have simplified some of my readings down so I could understand their meanings, but they can be as complicated as you want, it’s all up to the reader.

In order to truly read the tarot cards, the reader must be honest with themselves. If the card Death appears (change and new beginnings are coming) and the reader is in denial of change, the tarot cannot help. Unless the reader accepts the cards as they are, no help will come of them. The reader must also get to know the cards they are dealing with, as each deck can have a slightly different meaning depending on the style and theme of the deck

Step 1: Figure out what your purpose is

Why do you want to use the tarot deck? Do you want general advice about life? Help with a specific person? Whatever you want to use the tarot deck to answer, you must be willing to ask how to change yourself in the situation, as you cannot change anyone else but yourself. Then find a tarot spread that matches your question.

Step 2: Shuffle the cards

Any shuffling pattern will do, but I happen to like the method of spreading them all out so all the cards can breathe before sliding them around, mixing them up, generally just making a mess, then clumping all the cards back together.

Step 3: Decide which cards you’ll use

Split the deck into as many mini-decks as you see fit, and choose the cards that call to you. Make sure to make careful decisions and place the cards down in the spread you have chosen.

Step 4: Read your cards

Many decks will come with a guide book telling you what each card means. When reading your cards make sure you are thinking objective to your situation and apply the meanings to your question.


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