LMS raises money to bring clean water to Southern Sudan


Art by Alisha Khalil

LMS is fundraising to bring clean water to Southern Sudan after reading Sue Parks’ novel, A Long Walk to Water.

Moved by Sue Parks’ novel A Long Walk to Water, LMS Monsoons as long as the rest of the school are working to raise mooney to bring wells and clean water to Southern Sudan. 

“We read A Long Walk to Water and were inspired by Salva’s story and his struggle with water,” FG Monsoon Reading Class said. “We knew we had to do something to help.”

So far, the Monsoon team has raised $130, but are looking for more donations. The Monsoons team has a donation link online. Click here to donate. The team is also brining their buckets/wishing wells to LHS to collect change/cash. 

 Please consider donating!