Dunkin’ ‘Dunks’ on Starbucks’ and always will

When Dunkins and Starbucks get in the ring, Dunkin always takes home the belt. Created by Jen Raza in Canva.
When Dunkin’s and Starbucks get in the ring, Dunkin’ always takes home the belt. Created by Jen Raza in Canva.

You roll up to the drive-through window for a nice coffee and a sweet treat. If the chosen location is not Dunkin’, then I’m afraid you are at the wrong place. Dunkin’ offers so much quality that is often overlooked by Starbucks fans.

First of all, Dunkin’ products are more humble than Starbucks. A 16-ounce drink from Starbucks is called a ‘Grande’ and a 24-ounce is named a ‘Venti’. Now, I get it, you might want to feel a little fancy some days with these elegant names. However, the names ‘small’ and ‘medium’ that Dunkin’ and many other places use, get the point across just as well.

Additionally, the price difference between these two is very large. For a ‘venti’ refresher at Starbucks, you will pay a whopping $5.25 for a cup of ice with a little beverage. At Dunkin’ you will pay $3.29 for a medium refresher, which is also 24 ounces. This $1.96 price difference could allow you to get a donut with your drink. Nonetheless, Starbucks offers a small, bite-sized ball of frosted cake on a stick marked at a mind-boggling price of $3.25, which is almost the same as the drink from Dunkin’.

Dunkin’ also has a much larger food menu than Starbucks’, while Starbucks has a variety of egg sandwiches and a few cake pops. Dunkin’ heavily outnumbered them on this scale by offering many sweet and savory alternatives to their menus. Dunkin’ offers many donuts and munchkins, as well as their new “skewers” that can heavily compete with the cake pops from Starbucks. Dunkin’ also offers a variety of flavored bagels and spreads while Starbucks only offers plain and everything bagels. While some may argue Starbucks offers healthier alternatives like their protein boxes, which include fruit, cheese, eggs, and crackers, no one is going to Starbucks, or any fast food industry, for their healthy options. Additionally, those small protein boxes cost $7 which is largely overpriced from any grocery store where you could find the same packs.

If you take a look at the map of Londonderry, it pretty much sums up the debate of which location you should be stopping for your drinks. There are currently 7 standalone Dunkin’s in town along with a few placed in gas stations. As for Starbucks’, there is one sole location here in town. Even the town of Londonderry thinks Dunkin is more deserving of our business than Starbucks!

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