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Attention committed athletes! Fill out the form to be featured in LSOs Committed Check

Attention committed athletes

Laura Bowen, Executive Sports Editor
January 13, 2022

Attention seniors! The Lancer Spirit is publishing a “committed check'' story. We want to highlight seniors that are committed to college to continue their athletic careers. If you’re a committed athlete...

Magnus must take the opportunity to escape his confinement while he still has the chance.

Skyscraper: Part 1

Josh Truesdale, Creative Writing Editor
January 12, 2022

I looked down the dark hallway from my bench. The walls and ceiling were a glossy pitch black, and the floor tiles were polished chrome. A long purple light ran all the way down the hall along the floor,...

Talking Peanuts EP. 2

Sathvik Manam, Art Director
January 3, 2022

Host Sathvik Manam talks with Grady Daron and Megan Standifer about music, milk and Garfield.

Congratulations to the winner and thank you to everyone who submitted!

Winter Creative Writing Contest 1st place submission: “How to End a Family Dinner”

Phoebe Bartlett
December 17, 2021

“The Holiday Vandal struck again last night! Freddy told me in gym class he could see it from his window!” Ethan spat out half his food as he spoke, excitedly raving to my father, who sat next to him...

Juniors Bella Elguezabal and Olivia Colliton style loose-fitting baggy jeans.

Fashion Friday: students express fall 2021 fashion

Fashion trends these days seem to be going in and out of style faster than we can wear them. What’s hot one week is outdated by the next week. With this, students of LHS share their thoughts on some of the most current trends and styles.
Megan Standifer, Fashion Editor
November 19, 2021

PlayBoy Clothing Playboy, a brand you would not expect to see in a youth store. From chains to sweatpants, the bunny rabbit emblem can be seen everywhere.  “A lot of it looks trashy,” senior...

As the winter season approaches, so does the Lancer Spirits Winter Creative Writing Contest!

Winter Creative Writing Contest now open

Josh Truesdale, Creative Writing Editor
November 10, 2021

Winter is approaching, and so is the Lancer Spirit’s Winter Creative Writing Contest! Everyone is encouraged to participate, and the first place winner will be published in the December edition of the...

Photo by Mary DeWinkleer

Admin serves up smiles on workshop day

Megan Standifer, Fashion Editor
October 16, 2021

LHS Admin showed their appreciation for the LHS staff by surprising them with lunch. After the teacher workshop on Friday, Oct. 15, admin served up hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and watermelon.

Super straight is not just a preference, its transphobic. This belief harms transgender people, invaliding their feelings and worsening mental health.

Super Straight or Super Transphobic?

Anna Macpherson, Reporter
May 10, 2021

A new trend has arisen. One that is neither dancing nor pet related. It mocks sexuality and identity.  TikTok user Kyle Royce made a video in early March claiming to be “super straight,” a...

Gils cross country prepared to dominate the course this Saturday.

Girls’ and boys’ cross country prepare to dominate the course at the state meet

Laura Bowen, Executive Sports Editor
October 30, 2020

Girls’ and boys’ cross country finish up their seasons at the state meet this Saturday. The meet is being held at Derryfield park in Manchester. The girls’ race starts at nine a.m. and the boys’...

Class of 2020 flashback snapshots

Class of 2020 flashback snapshots

Amy Overhulser, Executive News Editor
June 2, 2020

As the Class of 2020 finishes their last day of their final year at LHS, we thought we would honor these graduates with a slideshow of photos from their time at North School, South School and Matthew Thornton. See...

Two volunteers from Londonderry Christian Church help bring bags out to the families in need during their “every two week” pick up drive-thru on Thursdays.

Volunteers ensure no Londonderry child goes hungry

Matt Palmer
May 29, 2020

In the midst of COVID-19, Londonderry and the entire state of New Hampshire has been in “stay at home mode” for the past three months. These times have been rough for almost everyone. Many people and...

Attention Seniors: Let the Lancer Spirit know your senior intentions

Attention Seniors: Let the Lancer Spirit know your senior intentions

Tim Gore, Magazine Chief
May 11, 2020

Want to get on the LSO Senior Intentions Map? Want to be featured in the Senior Issue of The Lancer Spirit Magazine? Here's how: The form at the right was sent out by Main Guidance to the Google Classroom...

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