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Participation for Parking

A Rare System of Merit
The deadline to complete your parking permit application was June 7th. Image Created in Canva by Arianna E. Conomacos.

When students get their driver’s license and a car in high school, the first thing they have to do before the school year begins is to acquire a parking permit. But how do you get one of these parking passes? And how do they determine who gets one in the main lot or in plateau?

This system is based on points that students can collect by participating in the Lancer community. That means, the more clubs and sports you’re involved in, the more points you get. It might seem shocking to reward students for joining clubs and sports, but it actually makes sense. 

 A system like the parking points at LHS are a great way to encourage further participation in the community and beyond. It’s a great way to show kids at a young age that to get things you want you need to earn them by outworking those around you.

Since now with the way society is run there are less and less meritocracies and more giving things to people who didn’t earn them.

These methods of gaining points are primarily by doing extra for the community. Another awesome feature of this school system is that they are now implementing a new policy with which completing Naviance will provide an opportunity for those students who may work or not be able to participate to gain parking points.

One last implementation put in place to make sure that the parking system is fair to seniors in their last year at LHS is an initial point distribution based on year of graduation so the seniors start off with more points. This skew in points still allows for juniors to get good spots but it makes it much more accessible for seniors to get good spots.

There will always be those who complain about the way things are done, but the ones who have a problem with a system are the ones who failed in it. Even though there are only a limited number of parking spots, the person who got a pass over you worked hard for it. Instead of complaining about how things are run, seize the opportunity provided and participate.

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