Pick a venue with the right menu

Local restaurants with allergy-friendly menus

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Pick a venue with the right menu

Lizy Stubbs, Opinions Editor

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We just wanted to go out to eat together as a team.  How hard could it be to find a restaurant that members of the girls’ cross country could all agree on?

Apparently, harder than we thought.  We ended up in Main Lot for 37 minutes trying to decide.

We stood, then sat, and eventually laid on the tarmac while everyone commented that they had no idea which restaurant to choose. Eventually we gave up and all just went home.

Why was it so hard to find a place to eat?  Because of how many food allergies or sensitivities people have.

Trying to navigate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets, not to mention diets of those with intestinal problems, can be a nightmare.

All of a sudden you have to worry about more than where people want to eat, but where everyone can eat.

Listed below are some of the local places that are food-allergen tested and friendly to even the most limited of diners:

  1. Portland Pie

Portland Pie meets all kinds of allergen standards. With vegan cheese and gluten-free crust, even some of the most restricted eaters can find something to devour. With their diversity of options, there are also plenty of choices for even the most intense meat eaters.

Fan Favorite: Personal pizza with vegan cheese


  1. Chipotle

Often hailed a healthy alternative to fast food, Chipotle has a menu that can satisfy carnivores and vegans alike. With both tofu and beans, vegan protein is not a problem. Chipotle’s saving grace is also their ability to personalize options, since every burrito, bowl, and salad is made to order and customized depending on exactly what the customer wants, there is no need to worry.

Fan Favorite: Burrito, burrito bowl, or salad


  1. The 99

The 99 is good for vegetarians and gluten-free diners, with separate menus and accommodations for both. While there are no distinctive dairy-free options, many items can be ordered without sour cream or cheese and made dairy-free.

Fan Favorites: Veggie burger and burger on a gluten free roll


  1. Red Arrow

Red Arrow has a separate gluten-free menu, as well as plenty of vegetarian breakfast options. Open 24 hours and located here in Londonderry, it is the convenient choice for any group heading out to celebrate their latest win over Pinkerton.

Fan Favorite: Any gluten-free sandwich


      5. Panera

With locations in both Manchester and Derry, Panera is a local venue filled with both gluten-free and vegan options.

Fan Favorite: Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa and Green Passion Power Smoothie

For information on more gluten free options, visit glutenfree.com and for vegan options visit happycow.com


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