Are you a heavy snoozer? Tips to getting out of bed in the morning

Photo by Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook, Health & Lifestyle Editor

The sound of your daunting alarm clock goes off at 5:30am on a Monday morning, and the last thing you are motivated to do is to wake up and get ready for school. You hit the snooze button so you can “rest your eyes” for that extra seven minutes, but then it goes off again.

As teenagers, we all can admit to hitting the snooze button on our alarm clocks approximately 37 times before we actually get out of bed. No matter how annoying the loud beeping is, sleeping in is far more important to us than turning it off.

However, getting up right when your alarm goes off will provide you more time in the morning, leaving you less stressed and more ready to start your day.

Try some of these tips to make getting up in the morning easier.

Put your alarm clock on the other side of your room.

It is easy to hit the snooze button when your alarm clock or phone is reachable from your bed. Try moving your alarm to the opposite side of your room so that you physically have to get out of bed to shut off the obnoxious beeping noise. Don’t let your lazy self go back into bed after you’ve already stood up, either.

Change the music of your wake up call.

I don’t recommend charging your phone in your room because it is unhealthy to be checking a screen late at night or as the first thing you do in the morning, and your notifications constantly going off can be a distraction to your homework and sleep schedule. However, if you do have to use your phone as your alarm clock, test different ringtones each morning until you find the one that you’re most comfortable waking up to. You may be the type of person who needs to hear an obnoxious duck quacking, or you may have no problem waking up to your favorite upbeat song.

Splash water in your face.

Immediately go to the bathroom to splash water in your face right when your alarm goes off for the first time. You will feel refreshed, and your eyes will feel wide awake, making it quite difficult to try and fall back asleep.

Go to bed earlier.

This may be what your parents tell you every day, but if you actually listen to their advice, you will find that it is quite helpful. I understand we all have hours and hours of homework, but the less you procrastinate and the earlier you get your homework done, the sooner you can get to bed. As simple as that, the earlier you get to bed, the easier it is to wake up in the morning as you will not be short on hours of sleep. Also try getting everything ready the night before so that your mornings are less rushed and less stressful. Pick out your outfit, and pack your lunch, gym bag and backpack.

Set your alarm clock earlier.

By setting your alarm clock earlier than the time you need to wake up at, you can hit the snooze button to get that same satisfactory as you normally do while hitting it. Then, when it goes off for the second or third time, it will be the actual time you need to wake up.

If all else fails…

Keep your door shut.

If still none of my advice works out for you, at least be a good person and keep your bedroom door shut. This way you won’t annoy the rest of your family who wakes up to the sound of your alarm going off 50 times.

Just make sure you catch that bus!



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