A-Z ideas of ways you can spend your Valentine’s Day!


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Amy Overhulser, Executive News Editor

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but yet again you have no plans… or your boyfriend just dumped you. Stop worrying— there’s no need to fret!

Here are some ideas to help you still have fun on the “happiest day of the year”:

Galentine’s Day

Hang out with your friends by going out to breakfast, and make sure to order some celebratory waffles.

Palentine’s Day

Get together with your best buds, play some video-games with them all day and figure out if the Pats have a chance at the Superbowl next year.

Ballentine’s Day

Go outside to shoot some hoops, or play some catch.

Hailentine’s Day

Watch Game of Thrones all day, and contemplate who will be mysteriously murdered next.

Chillin-tines Day

Just “Netflix and Chill”, bruh (basically like any other day).

Callintines Day

Call your friend… or that aunt you barely talk to. It’ll make their day better and will make you feel good!

Dogin-tines Day

Chill with the man’s best friend!

Mallentines Day

Go to the mall and treat yo’ self.

Y’all- intines Day

Spend the day watchin’ old westerns and kickin’ up those boots while talking in wild-west style.

College-intines Day

Get your groove on with your college search, write your college essay or submit your college application!

Al-intine’s Day

Maybe stop procrastinating, and study for that chemistry quiz you know is coming up.

Corral-intines Day

Go to Golden Corral located in Massachusetts!

Mob-intines Day

Binge-watch all four Godfathers.

Rant-intines Day

Rant about how mad you are that you don’t have a date, although you may be secretly happy about it.

If none of these ideas interest you, create your own Valentine’s Day. You don’t need to have a date to be happy— you can have fun with your friends and family too!