The New Girl


Stacey Hall

The New Girl


Once upon an ignorant girl

She believed her life had hit its highest peak,

But she knew little, this ignorant girl

That this peak was the highest of the smallest summits

And she had already climbed mountains for the happiness she got

And it wasn’t much.


Once upon a tired girl

Attempting to further her climb, but with no prevail

The higher she climbed, the further away the summit became

Though still she continued her stride up a never-ending mountain

Now with no reward except the heaviness and emptiness

That filled her life.


Once upon a hurting girl

Whose blindness was catching up to her reality,

But even still love did not let her in to see the truth behind the mask

When the blindness began to weigh like endless bricks

Bricks that coursed through her blood

Setting root deep in her veins.


Once upon a hopeful girl

That began to learn the truth behind her following

The following that left nothing pure in her life

It took her life away from others who needed it more

She was learning to learn for herself again

And think for herself again.


Once upon a bettered girl

One who has seen much more than her looks can describe

That knows all the wrongs that love had made

And can learn to love herself again.