Appreciate yourself, become more beautiful

Jazz Conde, Lifestyle Editor

To all of you out there who wake up every morning and ask yourself why you didn’t turn out to be blessed with heavenly looks, you are just blinded by an image that people call social standards. You have to face the facts, nobody looks absolutely perfect in the real world. Stop comparing yourself to those around you and get on track to loving yourself for the person you are, it is then that you’ll start viewing the world much more positively.


The first step should be figuring out what it is that makes you self conscious. Pay close attention to when you’ve got something negative to say about yourself. Pinpointing what you think your flaws are will later lead to focusing on a routine of viewing those “faults” with a much more positive pair of eyes.

It’s also nice to keep in mind that something you consider a flaw could easily be something that someone else adores about you. While the opinions of others don’t define who you are, a compliment never hurt anyone. Insecurities have many ways of manipulating our minds, but hearing compliments from people around you is a guaranteed confidence boost; something to fight against those insecurities.

It’s also important to look for the things you love most about yourself. I find that naming the features that make me confident sometimes helps me find new things to love about myself, canceling out one negative thought at a time with a positive outlook.


Don’t compare yourself to other people or things you see on social media. This is the worst thing you can do—just because someone else looks one way that is considered a “standard” doesn’t mean that you’re not equally as beautiful. Those standards are essentially impossible to replicate, and there is no rule on how you have to appear in order to be accepted. Being true to yourself makes you unique and the absolute most beautiful you can be.

Be mindful when scrolling through social media that most of these people don’t look this way in the real world. Many of them use editing apps that smooth their skin or define their curves, making something other than a reality.

You only ever see what the people behind these accounts want you to see. They’re not going to show you the unedited or realistic version of themselves, that does not exist within the world wide web. Frankly, these people are just like everyone else; beautiful with their own flaws.

The social standard of beauty is, without a doubt, unrealistic and nearly impossible to perfect. Being able to fit into that standard would require more than just losing weight and slapping on make-up. That’s just the finishing touch. Changing yourself for anyone that is not you is a big NO. The one person that should be happy with yourself is you.


No one is looking at you and saying “wow, that’s the most hideous person I’ve ever seen”. There may be people out there actually thinking to themselves about how beautiful of a person you are. I’m sure you look at those surrounding you and admire their beauty as well.

Maybe other people have the same exact thoughts as you. People don’t tend to think that everyone has insecurities of their own because when they look at one another, they’re wishing to be just as beautiful. Well, news flash, you’re all equally as beautiful as the other. Instead of saying negative thoughts of yourself, spread positivity about those around you.

Last tip:

Would you judge other people as harshly as you do to yourself? Be honest with yourself, do you really think you’re not as great as you truly are? You are so unique, definitely unlike any other, so don’t make it a negative thing.

You are always going to be the person you are right now. You are not going to go through some natural drastic change that is going to make you look significantly different. Embrace yourself because you are always going to be you, and who you are is beautiful.