This grilled cheese changes your life


Sean Cavanaugh, Executive Features Editor

The pizza grilled cheese: I would like to say I created this one, but someone probably already invented this great combo.  I was sitting around over the summer staring at my phone, and I started to get hungry. Then I wondered what I could make. I usually go to Google to find something new to try, but I had no success. I kind of wanted a classic grilled cheese, but I also wanted something different. I saw there was pizza sauce in the fridge and I thought “What if I put pizza sauce on bread and cover it with cheese? It would be good.” So I gave it a go, and it tasted amazing! I got the cheesiness of a grilled cheese, and the saucy flavors of a pizza, all in one.



  • Sliver of butter
  • 2 pieces of Bread ( whatever kind you prefer)
  • 2 spoonfuls of Pizza sauce
  • A pile of cheese (American, Mexican, mozzarella, cheddar jack, whatever you have/prefer)



  • Turn the stove top on to medium
  • Place the pan on the stove
  • Place the butter in to melt
  • Once melted, put one slice of bread on top.
  • Spoon on some sauce and spread it around
  • Put some cheese on
  • Place the other piece of bread on top
  • Let it cook until the bread is toasted
  • Flip it onto the other side
  • Let it cook until the other side is toasted
  • Take it out of the pan, cut and enjoy your pizza grilled cheese.



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