Seeing Rightly

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Seeing Rightly

Photography by Stacey Hall.

Photography by Stacey Hall.

Photography by Stacey Hall.

Stacey Hall, Guest Writer

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“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” —The Little Prince


The dark of a stormy night laces the glass with rain

With the tears of the sky I often feel on my own cheek


They remind me of a past from which only happiness was met with laughter

A time when cares had no care of me, I needn’t any use of them


Until they were of immeasurable angst and despair

And all at once again the cares laid only on me


I had lost my other half, the stability, to this unseen tether to our wrists

We became a broken outer shell that can hold these bonds against our will


A bond so strong as to be named love, they call it

Further deepened by thoughts of most work, not of joy


Those same emotions have a lack of joy and overflow one’s hopelessness

And now I find myself in a loss of words over someone new


Some deepest and ever truest love plays still in my mind

While a mere interest rears its intriguing beauty towards I


A temptation much too strong to deny, yet much too forbidden to name

I mustn’t be one to have someone and long for another,


But I must have a love ever too fond and an interest ever too deep,

A choice of a rightly heart over that of my mind

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