Doing Valentine’s Day right: Ideas to make your sweetheart smile


Photo by Jazz Conde

Hold your sweetheart’s hand on the fourteenth just like you’ll be holding their heart with these no-fail Valentine’s Day ideas.

Jazz Conde, Lifestyle Editor

Figuring out what to do for Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart can be difficult. However, sometimes the smaller things in life are more meaningful than grand gestures. If you need help figuring out what to do this Valentine’s Day, I’m here to help! Below is a list of suggestions to put the fun into that special day.

Go out for a nice dinner:

If you’re feeling traditional, a dinner date would be the perfect pick for you. Aside from the fact that restaurants will be packed and the kitchens are always backed up, some quality time with your significant other makes up for it. Treat yourselves to a night of sweet discussion and young love. Just take a moment to all your problems fade away for awhile and enjoy yourself. Keep in mind, however, that making reservations ahead of time will help you skip the waiting list and remove the frustration of waiting for a table.

Baked goods and candy for your sweetheart:

I’m pretty sure I saw this in a movie once, it might’ve been High School Musical. Anyway, try doing a nice gesture and bake your significant other some cookies (because who doesn’t love cookies?). Maybe if you’re more into romantic cliches, stop by most local stores to pick up a box of chocolates in those fancy heart-shaped boxes.

Roller/Ice Skating:

The one great thing about living in New England is that we get to enjoy our winter activities. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, skating with your sweetheart is just as romantic as it looks in the movies. Hit the ice rink for a date full of fun and laughter. If you don’t tend to enjoy your time in the cold weather, a roller skating rink would be a perfect alternative for you.

Movie Night:

Regardless of what some may think, you don’t have to give a big gesture to prove your love on Valentine’s Day. Grab a bag of popcorn, a glass of your favorite soda, and enjoy those cheesy rom-coms. Need help choosing a classic list? Try broadening your options on this list that Fandango put together.

Write a love letter:

There is nothing better than receiving a thoughtful love letter, I promise. Every time my better half hands me a heart-folded piece of paper, I know exactly what I’m in for. Speaking from personal experience, the small things we’re given truly do mean the absolute most to us. So, if you’re struggling to come up with a perfect idea for a gift, pick up a pencil and start writing away. Sometimes the course of true love can easily run smooth.

I know planning the perfect gift or date can be stressful for both parties. Even the smallest gestures can feel like everything to the heart. Hopefully my Valentine’s Day guide has given you a few ideas to decide between. Nevertheless, young love is in the air and you will be the greatest gift to your sweetheart.


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