Moose Hill kindergartners share what they love best about Valentine’s Day


Photo by Mrs. DeWinkeleer

You’re never too old for handmade Valentines or sweet candy.

Isabella McCutcheon, Editor-in-Chief

As you grow up, it seems Valentine’s Day loses more of its meaning each year. One second you’re handing out candy hearts to your classmates and the next you’re going broke trying to buy your girlfriend the perfect gift.

People forget that the holiday is for spreading love, not being materialistic.

Mrs. McCutcheon’s kindergarten class at Moose Hill shared their favorite parts of Valentine’s Day, to get into the holiday spirit.    

Brandon–  “Giving out my Valentines.”

Avery– When my mom gives me hugs and kisses.”

Charlotte“When my mom gives me something.”

Amaia“Giving hugs to my mom.”

Parker“Giving my brother hugs.”

Owen“Giving my Valentines to my friends.”

Connor and Lacy“ When my mom gives me candy.”