Sparrows and arrows

She wrapped her fingers around the arrow

Wondering from where it had come

Wanting to catch and kill a sparrow

Yet she only heard the roaring drum


The arrow had sailed fifty feet

Before she caught it between her fingers

The small victory was bittersweet

As she’d never caught anything that lingers


The eagle was crying overhead

At the raven’s unsightly wings

So she dropped the arrow and she said

“Let heaven’s freedom ring.”


She stumbled over something solid 

‘Twas a leatherbound book

Something seemed amiss about it

Thus she reasoned to take a look


A book among the frosty leaves

Its pages were quite ancient

But she was hiding from some thieves

And the forest wasn’t so vacant


An arrow and a book of the earth

Both were treasures, both were weapons

But what was her life worth?

This was something she must reckon.


She lifted her eyes once more

Saw how the ominous birds flew

Waiting for her sparrow to soar

While her fears remained true


Then the arrow turned to glass

The book faded in her hands 

And she seeks her will at last

For the sparrow lands.