You’ve self-quarantined…now what?

March Madness has been cancelled. Tom Brady has left the Patriots. School has moved to remote learning until April. Your job has been closed indefinitely. As you’re watching the next episode of The Office and Netflix asks you if you’re still watching, you wonder if you should click yes and continue or try to find something else to do.

If you’re looking for fun activities or things to do that will get you off your phone, try these!

Erin Carlson
Senior and Photography Director Erin Carlson snaps a photo of her dog, Zeus, before they head out on a walk at the Londonderry Trail by Poor Boys Diner.

Do you want to spend time outside or just want to stay active?

-Take a bike ride or go for a walk down your street or at a local trail. Following social distancing rules of course, a walk or a bike ride around your neighborhood could be a good way to not only continue to stay healthy but also get out of the house and get some fresh air.

-Get out of the house and take your dog to a local trail or just a walk down the street.

-Pull out the Wii or Xbox and play games that make you stay active, such as yoga or even bowling.

-Follow this link to do some workouts at home

-Try some yoga at home, or even join an online session and learn from a yoga instructor

Are you more of a homebody? 

-Try out a new recipe or even try making something far beyond your chef skill level. 

Follow these links to try some recipes from our staff’s chef, Chef Sean! 

The top ten new ways to fry up your fries 

How to make crisp tortilla chips at home

This grilled cheese changes your life

How to make pizza in a mug

Making fast and easy mug pancakes 

How to make Kraft better

-Watch the Marvel collection from start to finish, or whatever movie series your heart desires.

-Finally read that book you’ve been pushing off for months that isn’t assigned by your English teacher. 

Buy some new clothes or room decor from your favorite retailers online!

-Organize your closet- we all know it’s a mess

-De-stress and color in a coloring book. Print out coloring pages or just draw!

At home with your family?

Photo courtesy of Sean Cavanaugh
Executive Features Editor and Senior Sean Cavanaugh joins family members in a group Skype call.

-Wipe off the dust from those board games and bust a move playing Twister or play a classic game of Truth or Dare.

Or what about these?

Click each game to find options to purchase them on Amazon! Apples to Apples, Cranium, Exploding Kittens Card Game, Spot It!, Scattergories, Unstable Unicorns , What Do You Meme? , 5 Second Rule  or Taco vs Burrito

-Pull out the grill, cook a meal together and eat outside as a family. 

-It’s almost March 21st and you know what that means, spring and spring cleaning! Clean out the garage or attic and make bags to  donate to Goodwill at a later time. 

-Skype with your family who live out of town and practice social distancing.

-Singing might not be a talent for everyone, but karaoke never disappoints! Choose some classics and maybe even turn it into a contest!

Photo courtesy of Hailey Mosher
Senior and Art Editor of LSO, Hailey Mosher and her mom show off their moves on TikTok.

-Grab your parents or siblings and make a TikTok! Introduce your parents to the latest trend!

Whether you decide to finally beat your brother at Scrabble or watch all of the Harry Potter movies one after the other, the Lancer Spirit hopes you and your family stay safe and healthy!