I had a self isolation slumber party so you don’t have to


Photo by Marissa McKay

This is the fort that took me way too long to build and caved in way too fast to be proud of.

I think we can all agree that we’re lonely and bored during quarantine. I miss seeing my friends every day and hanging out with them every weekend. To give myself a fix of normality and liven up the days trapped in my house, I decided I was going to have a sleepover with myself.

So, come along, you’re invited to my self-isolation slumber party!

As any good host would, I figured the first step was to have a cool location for my slumbie, so I set out on building a fort. However, that proved to be much harder than anticipated, and I quickly realized why I don’t build forts: they suck, and I hate them.

Photo by Marissa McKay
After the blankets covering the base repetitively fell, I took a frustrated photo break.

I had no plan, and every three seconds all of the blankets would fall, and I would scream like each blanket that fell ripped out an organ on its way.

But, I pushed through with the majority of my organs still intact, and with some slight assistance, my fort was built and semi-stable.

After my bedroom for the night was set up, I made a list of fun sleepover activities that I could do, because what’s a good party without an itinerary?

I tried to color, but my printer wouldn’t print any coloring pages, and I quickly remembered that I can’t draw. At all.

Photo by Marissa McKay
Tyrone and I spend some quality time together.

I tried to paint my dog’s nails, but she fought me and then my mom shut the whole idea down.

I tried having a pillow fight with myself. No one enjoyed that.

I settled with doing some self-care and put on a charcoal face mask, before having a gossip session with my stuffed sloth (Tyrone) and then FaceTiming some friends.

After four friends in a row hung up on me and my mom yelled at me to stop talking to stuffed animals and to go to sleep already, I gave up on the activities and decided to just watch a movie instead.

I grabbed my go to snack, dairy free ice cream that I had to venture to the grocery store for earlier, surfed through Netflix for a while, and queued up some rom-com.

Photo by Marissa McKay
I got my ice cream and then picked the most cliche sleepover movie I could find, appropriately titled Sleepover.

Once the movie was over, I wasted time on my phone, stared at the ceiling of my now caving in fort for a while, and tried not to suffocate in there, before eventually falling asleep.

All in all, I realized that sleepovers are definitely more fun with friends. But even though we’re quarantined and almost all of my plans went awry, it was the best I could do, and I ended having a pretty good time by myself anyways.

So, if you’re bored and lonely like I was, take some time and try having a slumber party by yourself.

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