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Trapped in my own world: Your words can make a difference

art by Katie Huggins
Most times people who face mental illness feel alone or like an outcast, but remember that you are not alone

I’m drowning in my problems and can’t seem to get my head back up to the surface. Every day seems to run into each other like a movie on repeat.

People all around you are facing day to day struggles with school, work, and relationships. But people who struggle with mental illness have to face these everyday battles on top of their own issues.

But we just have to keep going, right? Put our problems aside because getting good grades and focusing on our job is our priority.

Stop overthinking, just focus on something different, you’re working yourself up over nothing, it’s not even a big deal.

Get off your phone and go to bed early, you’re just tired. That’s why you aren’t doing well right now.

What happens when we can’t keep going, when we can’t find that little spark of motivation that’s kept us going the past years?

My grades plummet, I barely show up to school or work, all I can do is sit there with the constant thoughts running through my head that nothing will ever change and I’ll never be the person everyone wants me to be.

People notice now, now that my grades are beyond being fixed, now that I’ve lost myself, but I can’t get myself to tell anyone what’s wrong when they ask, it’s always the same answers I get, but none of the help I need.

The thought of waking up and going through the day again seems to be impossible, but getting the help I need seems to be even more of a problem.

Mental health is a very deep and complicated subject, especially for those who don’t face what people who do struggle with mental illness face on a daily basis. 

Without getting the help they need, mental illness can turn into violence, drug usage, and even suicidal thoughts and attempts.

Even just a change of words or showing that you may not understand but you’re there can help. People with mental illness need the extra support and something or someone to fall on when they’re going back to a dark place.


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About the Contributor
Katie Huggins, Lifestyle Editor
Hi, everyone! I'm a senior here at LHS, and I'm also the Lifestyle editor for The Lancer Spirit. I love to write about spirituality, healing, mental health and more. I love to create my own art unique to me which I use in my stories frequently. I've been on staff for 3 years now, and I've had the best few years being a reporter and an editor. Look at my profile for more stories by me.

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Trapped in my own world: Your words can make a difference