Tips on giving the best gifts this holiday season

Giving the perfect present to loved ones doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems. A present that shows love and effort goes a long way. (Photo by Kat Hallee)

It’s finally that time of the year! The holiday season has arrived, and the time for gift giving is now. Even though the days are flying by, there is still hope for finding the perfect present for friends, family, and loved ones. But what to get?!

Thinking of gifts has always been something fun for me, but I know it’s a grueling process for many. So I’d like to share my “formula” for getting meaningful and great presents that are sure to please.


Ask what they wish for

This is the best first step in trying to figure out the right gift for your loved one. If they can give you a solid answer, boom! Present complete! You can know exactly what they want to receive this year and there’s no room for second guessing…unless they don’t know, in which case, I suggest following step two.

Spice up their hobbies and interests

If they’re someone you know well, you probably have a good idea of things they do in their spare time. Whether that means hiking, baking, painting or sewing, there will always be something your recipient  needs to continue their activities. 

I suggest getting supplies for them that relate to their hobbies or even something nice that could make it more interesting. It’s helping someone out and showing your support, and what’s better than that?

Make them laugh with some inside jokes

There might honestly be nothing better than receiving (or giving) a gift that you know will make your loved ones laugh. Take it one step farther by purchasing or creating a gift that has to do with an inside joke. 

Personalize gifts to make them one-of-a-kind

Personalizing gifts can be expressed in many different ways that always show how much care and effort you put into your gift to someone else. This can be creating something from scratch that you know they will like or appreciate or ordering/making a gift personalized specifically for them. I’ve found that personalized gift websites are a wonderful way to get a simple gift that shows thought and effort into your present. Plus, it’ll always leave a warm feeling in their heart.

Supply their entertainment obsessions

If you know what shows, movies, music or celebrities they like, odds are that anything relating to one of those will make their head spin. This is a safe gift that relates to things you absolutely know they like. Most entertainment-related businesses have original merchandise that can be expensive sometimes, but shows that you appreciate their interests. 

If there isn’t any good merchandise out there, plenty of websites exist where small business owners create their own merchandise that may even be cheaper, such as RedBubble and Etsy. Not only will you save money, but you’re also supporting a small business—it’s win, win!

Shopping trip with a set budget

If all else fails, take them shopping! Set aside a pile of money to dedicate to your loved one and tell them you’ll buy anything they want within that budget amount. There is no failing on this one! You know they’ll be getting something they like and it creates a special shared memory that you’ll never forget.


Never be ashamed if you don’t know what to get someone or feel like you’re a “bad gift-giver.” The only type of bad gift-giver is someone who doesn’t at least try. There are so many different ways to give the ones you love something special, but no size fits all, so do what you can and show that you tried. If you care about them, it’ll always be worth it.