Lancer Nation’s own Hart-Miller finalist for prestigious award for high school athletic trainers


Courtesy of Michelle Hart-Miller

Hart-Miller’s hard work and dedication to her work and Lancer Nation has lead her to become a NHSSCA finalist.

In and out of the weight room, athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach Michelle Hart-Miller uses her passion and talent to provide Lancer Nation with the best training possible, so it’s not surprising she has been selected as a National High School Strength Coaches Association (NHSSCA) top four finalist. 

NHSSCA is dedicated to recognizing high school coaches and trainers all around the United States. Hart-Miller was awarded NHSSCA New Hampshire state coach of the year in 2019. Hart-Miller spends her time on the field, in the weight room, and her personal time practicing fitness and healthy habits.

Hart-Miller’s connection with Lancer Nation drives her to continue bettering herself in order to be the best she can for her athletes. Though she has had other opportunities elsewhere, she knows she can create deeper connections with her student trainees at Lancer Nation. 

“I would like to congratulate Michelle for her work. I truly have never seen anyone who is so involved in the lives of her students and I think she encapsulates the true definition of a leader, ”

— senior Erica Waters

“I realized what I enjoyed most about my job is developing and creating relationships with our student athletes,” Hart-Miller said. “ I think it’s extremely important for the high school athlete to have an opportunity to train for long term athletic development on a good structured and supervised program.”

For some athletes their athletic future lies ahead of them at the collegiate level. Hart- Miller’s training program is developed to create habits that will lead to success from high school into college.

“Athletes who take the opportunity and stay consistent are given an advantage over other incoming freshmen for those that continue athletics in college. For those that aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle after high school we provide students with the  knowledge and the tools they need to stay healthy. It’s a win win,” Hart-Miller said. 

“We have an excellent program and athletes that take the opportunity before them will see results. Someone took notice and by nominating me, presented me with an opportunity to be considered for this honor,” Hart-Miller said.

During her education Hart – Miller attended an injury reduction and rehabilitation clinic with Mike 

Boyle in 1996. The clinic inspired Hart – Miller to look deeper into how to reduce injury and improve athletic performance. 

“To me combining athletic training (health care profession) and strength and conditioning is a no brainer,” Hart-Miller said.

Hart-Miller’s connections with the athletes she trains play a key role in the success of LHS teams. (Courtesy of Michelle Hart-Miller)

Athletes like senior Erica Waters have been training with Hart-Miller throughout their high school years. Hart-Miller inspires athletes to be the best version of themselves when they’re in the weight room and in everyday life.

“Michelle’s true dedication to her student athletes is impeccable. She manages a schedule that seems to always put the athletes needs before hers, which is super admirable,” Waters said. “Because she cares so much for the success of the athletes she trains, I feel honored to work with her. I gain motivation to work out because I see just how much of a positive impact she has made on so many lives.” 

Dealing with a variety of injuries—whether they are minor or not—can take a toll on  an athlete’s self esteem. Hart-Miller’s positive outlook and motivating attitude gives the athletes the push they need to work harder and overcome the challenges they’re facing.

“[Hart-Miller’s] knowledge has helped me recover from minor injuries, become a more informed athlete on how to treat my body, and has even given me advice on exercises specific to bettering my performance,” Waters said. “Through all of her dedication and time, Michelle has helped me become the best athlete I could be, by pushing me to become a more diligent and hard-working person. Because of her influence, I see the results in my athletic performances and my leadership skills.”

In addition to what we can do to help our student athletes athletically, we have inspired several students over the years to go off into strength and conditioning as a profession! Many of them give back by returning to Lancer Power to continue to learn and help train our athletes. If you have a desire to get into the professions of Athletic Training or Strength and Conditioning let us know! We would love to provide you with shadowing opportunities,”

— Michelle Hart-Miller

Hart-Miller is grateful for the opportunity to be recognized by the NHSSCA. This recognition has given her the reassurance that her program is being the best it can be for LHS athletes.

“To be one of 4 coaches chosen gives me a great sense of pride and is a huge honor even if I don’t make it to the top. It means we are doing the right things for our student  athletes,” Hart-Miller said. 

Hart-Miller truly believes that Lancer Nation has helped lead her to this position.

“Being recognized for this honor could not be possible without the support of Lancer Nation. It’s really a community honor,” Hart-Miller said. “I am grateful to the NHSSCA for not only spotlighting the high school strength coach but providing educational and networking opportunities. The organization does a great job at demonstrating  the value educated coaches at the high school level can provide for student athletes.”












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