Fashion Friday: Kaylie Donahue

On this Fashion Friday, we highlight senior Kaylie Donahue’s personal style and some of her outfits from this week. 

Donahue describes her style as “lonely librarian.” 

“I try to find things that most people wouldn’t put together, or they would see something and think it’s ugly, but I see something and think, ‘oh it’s ugly I want it’” Donahue said.

Donahue’s favorite stores to find pieces to fit her aesthetic are Talbots and L.L. Bean.

“Those are my favorite brands to look for in thrift stores; they’re very high quality,” Donahue said.

A staple in Donahue’s style is skirts.

I really like the flowly-ness of them and I get a lot of inspiration from Korean and Japanese outfits and long skirts are very prevalent in that fashion,” Donahue said. 

For others trying to develop their own personal style, Donahue suggests, “take inspiration from the people around you.”

“Don’t be afraid to wear something that’s outlandish, or something that you think you’re going to get made fun of for,” Donahue said.

Kaylie styles her favorite pair of shoes she owns, white leather loafers from Calvin Klein. Photo by Megan Standifer

In this outfit, Donahue’s mushroom crochet hat is from a personal business on Esty. Her sweater is from Shein, jewelry from Kay Jewelers, the skirt is from Oasis, socks are from Savers, and the loafers are Calvin Klein.













Photo by Megan Standifer

Here, Donahue’s cardigan from Victorian Corner, the Star Wars shirt is from Kohl’s, her suede pants are from Charlotte Russe, and her shoes are Nike Air Force 1’s.













Photo by Megan Standifer

For this outfit, Donahue’s sweater is from Kohl’s, her trousers are from Calvin Klein, and the Chelsea boots are from Kohl’s. 













Photo by Megan Standifer

Here, Donahue is wearing a dress from Savers, the vest overlay is also from Savers, and the shoes are Nike Air Force 1’s













Photo by Megan Standifer

In this outfit, Donahue is wearing a top is from Talbot’s, the plaid skirt is from Saver’s, and her leg warmers are from Goodwill, and the shoes are Nike Air Force 1’s.