Winter Fashion Feature: Abby Follansbee

Freshman Abby Follansbee dresses for a warmer winter with a scarf and sweater. Each piece of Follansbee’s outfit is under $40. Photos by Emily Schackart.

Although she misses the snow, freshman Abby Follansbee isn’t going to let a dry December stop her from breaking out the winter wardrobe.

Scarf: $15 at Target
Bracelet: $18 at

Follansbee loves the cold weather because it’s “perfect for flannels,” a staple item for any New England closet. Follansbee goes shopping several times a month, and usually invests her time in picking out new shirts.

“They’re just so easy to shop for,” Follansbee said. “I usually don’t even have to try them on.”

When it comes to clothing, style is key for this freshman fashionista. In fact, when asked to describe her style in one word, Follansbee said “causal…. but stylish.”

But where does Follansbee find her stylish clothes?

“I love TJ Maxx,” she said with a smile. “They have everything there.”

Follansbee also shops at American Eagle and Urban Outfitters, her two favorite stores.

Shoes: $30 at Marshalls
Sweater: $30 at H&M









In addition to frequent shopping trips, Follansbee borrows some clothes from her older sister, junior Haley Follansbee. According to Follansbee, her sister Haley is her style inspiration, and the two share clothes often.

Style Tip: Pairing an ordinary sweater with a

patterned scarf can make an outfit look even more

put together.

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