Coleman nets 1,000th career point

Nick Scarfo, Sports Editor

Friday, January 13th will be a day etched into Lancer Basketball history.

Senior Jake Coleman, who has been dubbed by many has one of the best players in the state, notched his 1,000th career point in a 78-63 loss to the Exeter Blue Hawks.

The team may have lost the game, but many fans looked past the loss and instead turned their attention to congratulating Coleman, who stated he wasn’t supposed to know about his accomplishment in the first place.

“I knew, but I wasn’t supposed to,” Coleman said. “I had asked my coach a few times previously, but he wanted to keep it a secret.”

Usually when somebody on the court comes close to setting a record or getting to a certain goal, the other members of the team would try to feed the ball to that player. Coleman is the Lancer’s top guy anyway, but that wasn’t the case.

“Nobody on the team knew I was so close to 1,000,” Coleman said.

Even though he wasn’t fed the ball, Coleman still put up 29 points against the Blue Hawks, with the big 1,000th point coming in the form of a layup.

Although he may have known about the record, Coleman didn’t play with it on his mind,

“I had never really thought about it until this year,” Coleman said. “People were telling me I was only 100 points away and that nobody from Londonderry had reached 1,000 in years. After that I just thought it would be pretty cool to reach that achievement.”

And the last time someone from Londonderry reached 1,000?

2004, thirteen years ago.

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