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Musical Motivation

Students should be permitted to use headphones to listen to music

You’re sitting in your classroom. You have an essay that’s due today, but the only thing you can focus with the sounds of tapping computer keys, pens clicking, and the kid sitting next to you smacking their gum in their mouth. The solution? Your trusty earbuds. Right as you press play on your music, you feel a tap on your shoulder. Pulling your headphones out, you turn and look over your shoulder to see your teacher towering over you. Your head drops in defeat as you put your airpod back in its case and turn your attention back onto your work.

It’s almost natural to have the feeling of a small speaker in your ear nowadays. Your music is most always continuously playing whether you drown it out or not. If you’re paying attention what does it matter if you’re listening to music, it doesn’t negatively affect anyone or pull attention away from the lesson. So why are schools so against earbuds?

Yes, it can be frustrating when trying to talk to someone and they’re just not fully listening. Especially when having to back-track and explain everything once again or multiple times in a teacher’s case, and not everyone’s attention span is the same. Some people can use music as background noise, whereas others might give it their full attention, not focusing on what is going on around them. But being able to listen to music has a lot of benefits.

According to the National University, listening to music allows both hemispheres of the brain to maximize learning intake and improve your memory by using both the left and right side of the brain.

Not only does music open up your mind but it also has a large effect on one’s mood. Having people fidget around you can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to focus in a silent room. So what’s better than putting in your earbuds and zoning into your work?

It’s understandable why teachers don’t like students having both earbuds in at the same time while teaching a lesson, but one is completely reasonable. Everyone has their own method to focus, which is why listening to music during school should be allowed. Therefore, if you’re a teacher, hear me out. If a student is staying focused with music, allow them to.

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