FAQs on senior scholarships. Deadline is tomorrow.


Liz Iaconis

All scholarship packets must be completed and returned to Main Guidance by March 7, 2019.. The office closes at 3:00.

Liz Iaconis, News Editor

All scholarship packets must be completed and returned to Main Guidance by March 7, 2019.  The office closes at 3:00.

Important information to know on scholarship packets.

  • Senior scholarship packets are open to all graduating seniors attending Londonderry High School regardless of town of residency.
  • Through the local packet, over 70 scholarships are offered to students.
  • Groups who offer scholarships create their own qualifications; many groups will create qualifications to increase the variety of students who are eligible for scholarships.
  • Scholarships offered through the school, clubs, extracurricular activities, community sponsors and booster clubs do not exclude students have received scholarships from their school of choice
  • Athletic booster clubs choose whether to include their scholarships in the senior scholarship packet or to independently distribute funds.
  • The “hard workers” described in some scholarships are awarded to someone based on their academic course load, effort, and rigor.
  • Scholarships for “struggling students” can be awarded based on an academic or financial need.
  • Over the years, scholarship qualifications have been loosened to accommodate a wider variety of graduating seniors.
  • Some organizations will choose the recipient of their scholarship independently, but others designate the school committee to choose, typically made up of five staff members.
  • Scholarships are consistent and offered annually, with the addition of new scholarships when they become available.
  • Scholarship applications are judged based on essays that are name blind, but the applications will show your GPA and class rank.

But underclassmen, please remember that as you prepare for college, there are even more options out there. Main guidance can help you find scholarships outside of this application, and with good academic standing, many universities and colleges are also willing to provide scholarships. Be informed early, and through your years as a high school upperclassmen, plenty of opportunities to apply for scholarships will become available to active students on the lookout.