LSO Creative Writing: Have You Heard?

Stacey Hall, FreeLancer

Have you heard of the little girl
Who chased cute boys around the playground
Writing love notes
Asking if they liked her?
This girl who imagined herself a mermaid princess
With the heart of a wolf
Just to have fun
With her friends on the playground
Never thinking a second thought
About how cute the boy on the swings was?

How about the girl in a new school
Where people are bigger than her
In more than one sense?
Walking through the halls
Looking at how well the girls grew
And she guessed the boys did too.
The girl who thought looking at both
Was what everyone did?
It didn’t take long for her to realize
It wasn’t.

Ever heard of the girl
Who saw her best friend in a new way
That she never saw before
That lasted years?
The girl who then entered another school
One with faces old and new
Some adults that felt more like brothers and sisters
With new faces of girls who were even more grown
Than any she had seen in a while
Oh, and a couple cool guys walking by?

Have you ever heard of the girl
Who tried to convince herself
That she was normal
Like every other girl she walked by,
But couldn’t help but stare
At those passing girls?
This same girl
Who refused to believe
That she wasn’t anything like what she saw around her
That she was still that same girl
Who chased cute boys around the playground,
But couldn’t keep hiding
That in her head
She was chasing beautiful girls around the playground?

There’s this girl
Who spent her whole life
Wishing to be normal,
But found herself happiest
Hand in hand
With her same kind.