Kids enjoy Fun Fest at LHS

Teachers and their kids enjoyed an exciting day at Fun Fest today, May 23 from 9am until 12 pm. The children spent the day playing games and making crafts with the LHS Early Development class.

The theme of this years event was Disney Extravaganza and kids were allowed to dress as any character they liked.

The LHS students in the class spent days planning activities and decorating the room. The day was spent doing crafts, scavenger hunts, parachutes outside, face painting, and much more fun.

Senior Taylor Cruz especially loved getting to be with all the kids.

“It’s different reading about it than actually taking care of them,” Cruz said. “You get a direct experience and react to what they do.  It’s a lot of fun seeing them play and helping them when they need assistance.  I loved helping them with their crafts or pouring a drink for them.  They are all so cute.”

Photo by Kate Ehl
Ryan DeWinkeleer smiles as he finishes his craft. Ryan’s favorite part of the day was the treasure hunt because he “liked finding the buckets” that had treasure in them.
Photo by Kate Ehl
Ainsley Shank watches as she gets taught how to make the perfect bracelet. Her favorite part of the day was “dressing up pretty.”
Photo by Kate Ehl
Brielle Painter smiles after she gets dressed up like a princess. Brielle enjoyed when “we went outside and played with a parachute.”