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Seniors Josh Truesdale, Ahna Gainey

Spirit Week Day 3: Decades Day

Megan Standifer, Fashion Editor
September 22, 2021

LHS shows their spirit for day 3, Decades Day. Students got creative and dressed up as trends from 1920s- 1990s.  

Mrs. Justers F Period Honors English 11 Class

Spirit Week Day 2: Cowboys vs. Aliens

Megan Standifer, Fashion Editor
September 21, 2021

The second day of spirit week is upon us here at LHS. Today's theme: Cowboys vs. Aliens, with the freshmen and sophomores channeling their inner extra-terrestrial side, while the juniors and seniors trotting...

Seniors Makenna Lord, Talia Ferguson, and Kendall Wilson

Spirit Week Day 1: Beach/Hawaiian Shirt Day

Megan Standifer, Fashion Editor
September 20, 2021

LHS kicks off Mack Plaque spirit week with Beach and Hawaiian attire day, here are some of the Editorial Staff's favorite fits from today. Check out the related story for outfit ideas for the rest of the...

With my mother, Melissa Quinones, just recently pursuing her dream job of becoming a beauty influencer she has gotten many products for her to experiment with. Shown here is all the different shades of lipstick and bottles of primer she has to make herself stand out from the crowd. “It’s like playing with kids toys for fun, except I do this as a job,” Quinones said. Quinones loves to use all sorts of makeup from lipstick to primer to really bring out her inner self and show what pretty really is. “Each shade tells a different story and a bigger picture, that’s the greatness in it,” Quinones said.

Mom brings her beauty knowledge to others

Melissa Quinones decides to share her knowledge of makeup and beauty with followers on Instagram.
Aidan Espinal, Reporter
May 19, 2021

Londonderry resident Melissa Quinones knows beauty, and now she wants to share this knowledge with others. Quinones has recently begun pursuing her dream job of becoming a beauty influencer,...

Watching a loved one go through the grieving process can be difficult. Not sure how to help them? Here are some tips and information to assist you.

How to support a grieving Lancer

Natalie Karlson, Reporter
May 17, 2021

With the difficult news Lancer Nation has received just these past couple months, it must be addressed. Grief: the natural response to losing a loved one, a relationship, or any version of security...

Infographics display information for readers, showing the importance of reading in an artistic way.

Why reading is important

Rachel St. Louis, Copy Chief
May 13, 2021

From the somatosensory cortex to the stimuli within the frontal lobe, reading outside of school is important for people of all ages. Whether you grew up hiding the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid under your...

Borderline Personality Disorder largely affects the individuals thought process, causing the major mood swings and severe paranoia.

A blessing or a curse: Living with BPD

Names have been changed to keep the individuals’ privacy.
Katie Huggins, Lifestyle Editor
May 10, 2021

From intense mood swings and paranoia to over-loving those around you, these are just a few characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder. But is this something to fear? Borderline Personality...

The question is, what do you pick? Pancakes or waffles? Something bland and basic like pancakes or something amazing, awe-inspiring and perfect as waffles.

Waffles vs. pancakes: Ending the debate

Kaitlyn McHugh, Reporter
April 12, 2021

During hard times like these, it’s good to know that you can always have a great breakfast to get you ready for the day. The question is, what do you pick? Pancakes or waffles? Something bland and basic...

Students walk through the halls during their in-school day.

Survival guide for hybrid learning

Isabella McCutcheon, Editor-in-Chief
January 21, 2021

After nearly two long months of remote learning, LHS is finally making the switch back into the hybrid learning style. Although many people are excited about the change, that isn’t the case for everyone....

Budgeting habits can start with these three easy tips.

How to budget effectively: the teen years

Rachel St. Louis, Copy Chief
January 15, 2021

2020 has been over for more than a week. Instead of jumping over the hurdle in an effortless leap, we crawled under it in an awkward tangle of limbs and bruises. But reflecting on the bad times can push...

Amidst the chaos that the year 2020 has brought, there has been happiness and progress in the world

The light amidst the darkness of 2020

Audrey DeAngelis, Assistant Editor in Chief
December 31, 2020

This year was supposed to be one for the record books, and it was, but not necessarily in the way we wanted. We were expecting a happy, successful year, but we got one filled with death and isolation instead....

We read The Night Before Christmas, my sister and I switching off every other page.

The night before Christmas, the night filled with tradition

Audrey DeAngelis, Assistant Editor in Chief
December 25, 2020

The holiday season is upon us, and families around the world have begun their traditions for whichever holiday they celebrate. Some may be left behind as time goes on, but those traditions that stay,...

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