See what you can be, thanks to the Futures Lab

High school is full of assignments, deadlines, and events, but LHS Futures Lab Facilitators Mrs. Wooding and Mrs. Halstead aim to help students in their goals before and after high school, including career choices. Please view the information and required CCR Goals links below for the grade you are going into this coming 2019-2020 school year.

Freshman Year

Hooray, you’re done with middle school! However, as you may know, the first year of high school can be the hardest. This step-by-step guide to Freshman CCR Goals will help you organize your thoughts concerning your future, career, and even what classes to take in your upperclassman years.

Click HERE to complete your freshman year CCR goals

Sophomore Year

Congratulations. You have survived freshman year and are moving on. One more year left until you’re an upperclassman, but first, check out the link below to complete your CCR Goals.

Click HERE to complete your sophomore year CCR goals

Junior Year

One more year until you’re a senior! This school year will come with many challenges, but here are some links to explore below that will help you.

Click HERE to complete your Junior Year CCR Goals

Click HERE to see some Junior College Visit Options

Click HERE to find the Junior College Reps Visit Log


Upperclassmen Job Shadow Form

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Futures Lab Documents Page

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