Breaking News: Fire extinguisher discharge called for school evacuation

Instead of the scheduled “shelter in place” drill that was supposed to take place during D period on Oct. 3, the fire alarm went off at 10:10 am after a fire extinguisher fell and detonated in the main lobby. 

Principal Mr. Parent sent a text to the faculty informing them of what had occurred. The following are texts sent from Parent to the staff. 

Photo by Thomas Wolthers
Students evacuated the school when a fire extinguisher accidentally fell and activated the main lobby.

“LHS Emergency alert: A fire extinguisher fell off the wall in the main foyer and the spray triggered the fire alarm. The area is currently being cleaned before we can re-enter.”

The custodian staff worked hard to clean up the exploded material, making the hallways safe to walk through. 

Even though the material is not hazardous, the school has closed off the cafeteria, kitchen, and the vending machine in the lobby for the remainder of the day.

Photo by Kat Halle
Students eat lunch provided by Matthew Thorton in the high school’s gymnasium.

If students have lunch on Oct. 3 they should report to the gymnasium and not the cafe. Food will be supplied by the Matthew Thornton kitchen for the rest of the day.