Gilbert’s “Big Magic” lends inspiring advice about living creatively


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Emily Schackart, Online Chief, Lifestyle Editor

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is an essential read for creative thinkers.

Often times, a creative life is associated with glamour. We forget the starving artists of the world and we relish in the works of successful actors, famous musicians, and wealthy authors and artisans. We don’t think about the hardships, those little bumps in the road, that can hinder a lifestyle that depends solely on creative thinking.

Living a creative life, whether it be professional or recreational, takes a lot of courage. You have to stand behind your ideas and your work in the face of criticism – no matter how ruthless. On the contrary, you have to learn to stay grounded and humble when surrounded by praise.

Big Magic addresses how to handle each and every aspect of a creative life – the glamorous parts of fame and success, and the not-so-glamorous. Gilbert broke her best-selling novel into six chapters: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust and Divinity. Each chapter deals with a different aspect of the creative process, and each chapter attributes to the concept of “big magic.”

For example, many authors go through drafts and drafts and drafts before final publication. They face rejection from editors, they struggle with writer’s block, and some stories remain forever unfinished. Anyone who strives to live creatively will eventually face these same road blocks. Big Magic guides its readers through overcoming fear, rejection, and doubt.

Gilbert writes in a way that makes her readers feel like they are receiving advice from a motherly figure, or perhaps an older, wiser big sister. Gilbert confides in her readers, shares her own personal experiences and lends advice for those who are in similar situations. For this, Big Magic readers will hold Gilbert’s words a little closer to heart.

You don’t have to be an artist to read and enjoy Big Magic. Gilbert’s wisdom is applicable to everyday life for all walks of life, and that’s what makes this book so special.

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