Lancer Civic and Social Expectations Cord forms available in Room 204

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Lancer Civic and Social Expectations Cord forms available in Room 204

Emily Schackart, Photography Director & Lifestyle Editor

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Pink forms to apply for a red Lancer Civic and Social Expectations cord are available in Mr. Juster’s room (room 204) for students in all grade levels. Every student has an opportunity to earn a red cord by collecting a total of 25 points by the spring of their senior year. The point system is as follows:

Athletes: 1 point per season, 1 point for team captains

Club members: 1 point for leadership position, 1 point for specific club event/time commitment (2 points max per club per year)

Marching band/ color guard: 1 point for drum major/color guard captain, 1 point per overnight travel/performance (total 3 points)

Single events: 1 point (Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Penguin Plunge)

Every activity listed on your sheet should have corresponding dates with adviser names and signatures.

Students can fill out a pink form each year, and pass them in to Mr. Juster or the Curriculum Office when they have collected 25 points. Seniors who want to be considered for a red cord need to hand in their form by Fri., May 12.

If you are a transfer student, you will not be required to collect all 25 points. 3 years at LHS requires 18 points, 2 years at LHS requires 12 points, and 1 year at LHS requires 6 points.

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