Lancer Gymnastics compete through bomb threat


Photo courtesy of Laura Bowen

All gymnasts at the meet were evacuated onto a single bus.

This past Saturday, February 12, Lancer Gymnastics attended a final meet at A2 in Salem, NH. Over 10 teams competed from across New Hampshire.

While competing, the meet was live streamed through Zoom, allowing for a hacker to join.

A random man hacked the stream and threatened to bomb the gym. When hearing that news, all gymnasts and coaches evacuated the building.





Shortly after, police arrive with dogs to search the area, ultimately finding nothing. When the building was deemed safe, the meet continued.

“It ended up being kinda funny, though it really sucked interrupting our meet. We all knew it wasn’t really a serious bomb threat but they had to take precautions,” senior Ella Houghton said.




The Lancer Gymnastics team ended up taking 5th overall, but were still shaken up.

“It ended up being a wild ending to our senior year,” Houghton said. “Definitely one to remember.”