Upcoming spring spirit week days 12/19-12/22


Courtesy of LHS Student Council's Instagram @stucolhs2022

LHS Student Council coordinates Spirit Week and themes for students to follow for Mack Plaque week.

As winter break approaches, LHS is getting ready to introduce the winter season Varsity sports teams at the annual winter Pep Rally.

LHS Student Council has voted for the upcoming spring spirit weekdays. 

All attire must follow school dress code. 

To show your school spirit, participate in the following days:


Monday: Pajama Day

Get out your bathrobes and pajama pants!


Tuesday: Holidays in Hawaii  

This theme is new to LHS’s spirit weekdays. To participate, dress in both Hawaiian and holiday gear!


Wednesday: Ugly Sweater Day

Pull out your best holiday sweater! Get creative! 


Thursday: School Colors

Following tradition, seniors are to wear black shirts, juniors wear blue, sophomores wear white, and freshmen wear red.