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Lancer lengths: Fashion editor version

Cutting your hair can be a big change. But for lancer lengths it is the perfect change.
Photo by Steve Juster
Posters of the angels can be found in the halls of LHS.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had a strong love for my hair. It was always super long, super blonde, and super thick. I have always had a sensitive scalp and wouldn’t let anyone touch it but myself. That resolved in me having knotty hair. My mom would have to take me to the hairdresser so they could just brush it–that’s how sensitive it was. 

At the age of nine, I had the idea of cutting my hair. This was a big deal because I hadn’t let anyone cut it for years. My mom strongly agreed with this cut because she was sick of listening to me cry after hitting my head with a brush because I was so upset about the knots in my hair. 

It was finally the day. The day I was giving up my long hair. But I wasn’t just cutting my hair. I was giving it to a person in need. A person who would do anything to have hair again. As my hair was being cut off, I wasn’t sad. I was happy. Happy to know that my hair was going to someone who needed it more than I did. The hair on my head was short, soft, and still blonde. But more importantly, the hair I was donating was long, soft and blonde and was going to someone who wanted to feel beautiful again. 

During my sophomore year, my Spanish teacher Sonia De Leon Cuevas was cutting her hair. I was on the floor calming her down because of how nervous she was. At that moment, I realized I shouldn’t be cutting her hair. She should be cutting mine. 

That’s what I’m going to do for Lancer Lengths on Jan. 5.

I am about to go through the same nervous stage I went through when I was in fourth grade and that’s okay. After years of trims, cuts, and different styles, my hair will be short again. But that’s okay. Eight inches will be off of my hair, but it’s not gone. My hair is yet again going to someone else who needs it more than I do. And that is more than okay.

I am so excited to have this opportunity, and I’m hoping the person who will get my hair will smile again and feel beautiful. 

If you’d like to be an angel and donate your hair, see Mr. Juster in room 204.   

Have you ever donated your hair? Will you be donating your hair in Jan.? Please share your story below in the comments. 

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About the Contributor
Morgan Laczynski, Fashion Editor
This is Morgan’s first year on the Lancer Spirit Staff and she is super excited. While also being the Fashion Editor she also loves being involved in other school activities, like ski club, pay it forward and big/best buddies. Her role on the staff is to find fashion trends, fun spirited theme’s in the student section, and to write about ‘fashion trends’ that are coming back into the school year. She is super excited to be apart of the staff and is excited to see what fashion trends make the page.

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