Don’t miss this chance: register to vote


Photo by Lilly Grodt

Some LHS seniors will have the opportunity to vote in their first national election this year.

Liz Iaconis, News Editor

Midterm elections will call voters to the polls nationally on Nov. 6, and LHS will be hosting an opportunity for its students to register to vote on Wed. Oct. 24. Kirstin Grages, a supervisor at Town Hall, will be in the lobby from 7:45 a.m. to 12 p.m., helping 18-year-old or older students register to vote. In order to register, students must bring proof of identity, age, and citizenship or domicile.

What you may need:

A valid N.H. driver’s license proves identity and age.

A birth certificate or U.S. passport proves citizenship.

An LHS student I.D. can be used to prove identity and domicile.

Legal affidavits can also be signed to confirm identity, age, and citizenship if hard copy proofs are unavailable.

Digital records are also acceptable means of providing proofs.