Girl’s Cross Country prepares for Mack Plaque meet


Photo by Cailey McDonough

Mrs. Sanborn and her 2019-2020 team gathering for a photo following a cross country meet.

As LHS takes the lead in the 2020 Mack Plaque, every sports team is holding their breath as the last few games and meets of the tournament play out. This Saturday, Girl’s cross country will run their Mack Plaque race, hopefully bringing home a win.

The team was victorious in their meet against PA last year, leaving runners even hungrier for another win.

 “This race is always extra special to the team as there’s a little extra competition just because it happens to be against our rivals,” senior Gabby Page said. “Last year was proof that our girls can win against Pinkerton’s girls, and I have no doubt in my mind that this year’s Mack Plaque race will be just as spectacular!”

With that said, tensions about the race are still high. The meet will be the first of the season, so the excitement is also mixed with a feeling of anxiousness for the team.

 “The only weakness I can think of is race anxiety. A lot of our girls stress going into a race because they put so much pressure on themselves,” Page said. “ I know we can improve upon our mentality when it comes to racing this season, especially once we have a few races under our belts.”

Although the nerves are setting in, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been preparing. The girls have been training for the season individually since the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic back in March, so they have nearly seven months of training under their belts. 

“My goal for the race is for everyone on the team to perform the best they ever have,” Page said.