The curse has been broken… Lancer Nation brings home Mack Plaque win


Design by: Olivia Windisch

For 21 years Mack Plaque has been won by Pinkerton. The plaque has sat in their trophy case year after year. 

For 21 years Lancer fans have left the games disappointed, but not surprised. 

For 21 years there’s been an empty spot in LHS where the plaque should be.

This year is different. 

The plaque is back and here to stay. Lancer Nation pulled through and made history despite all of the hardships that we have faced this year. 

This is a moment that 21 years of Lancers have waited for and we are lucky enough to be here to experience it. This is a moment that will be remembered for years to come as the year the curse was broken… we won. 

We may not have won the way we imagined we would, but we did it. Congratulations Lancer Nation we’ve made LHS history.

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