Beauty is everywhere, all you have to do is look


Art by Hailey Mosher

Beauty is found everywhere we look, not just on the outside, but in our personality and attitude.

Beauty is such an odd thing. This thought came to me after I sent a friend of mine a string of pictures of Denise Richards in the ’90s and early 2000s on Instagram. I texted her saying “she’s beautiful, I wish I looked like her.” She responded a little while later with “Hailey, you’re more beautiful than her buddy.” I fired back with “that’s not true, but thank you, love you.” She then replied saying, “if it wasn’t true I wouldn’t say it.” 

Beauty is completely subjective. That’s honestly the beauty of beauty, though. Someone could find the rain rolling down another’s cheek to be beautiful, while someone else would just continue about their day not even taking a moment to notice it. I try to notice the beauty in my daily life more now. I always look at my friends at random moments throughout our day because I find them just sitting enjoying the things around them to be beautiful. They’ve always thought it was a little weird, but hey, it makes me happy to see them happy.

It’s not always people that define what beauty is though. I commonly see the sunlight come in through the windows around the school and find it to be quite beautiful in its own way. Whether it’s an art room, a coffee shop, or a bedroom, some rooms just have their own beauty about them. 

There is so much beauty in the world around us, even if things don’t feel beautiful. Things get hard sometimes, and that’s life, but I think trying to find the beauty in those times might help to get us through the bad and remember the good. Whether it’s just sitting and observing people or genuinely going out and searching for things that you find beautiful. 

Sometimes you do have to search for it, especially during the dark times. I think looking at the beauty of everyday life helps us to understand that everything will turn out alright. It just might take a little time. We do have to wait all day to see the stars come out at night after all, and sometimes we still can’t see them. And that’s ok. 

My point is that beauty shouldn’t always be a pretty face necessarily. There are many other beautiful things to focus on. Everyone is beautiful, it just shows differently in different people. People truly can be beautiful, but making beauty purely about looks? That’s not too pretty to me.