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Going to study music? You need the theories

Ensuring that musicians have opportunities to take beneficial courses during their high school experiences reflect music careers.
Students at High Schools look for better opportunities for topics that they are interested taking courses about. (Image created by Kelsey Sweet using DeepAi)
Students at High Schools look for better opportunities for topics that they are interested taking courses about. (Image created by Kelsey Sweet using DeepAi)

Frank Sinatra, Elton John, and 70s/80s Rock and Country, to Taylor Swift and Drake. At first you would think they have nothing in common, but they all started from the same place. An artist’s role is to make listeners have a connection and enjoy their music, to continue streaming it, but it all starts with the theories of music. 

Music Theory may take away an extra block in a student’s schedule or mean not having room for another class. But this class would greatly help students who aim to be in the music industry after they graduate or just spar an interest in everything the listeners don’t hear. 

When looking back at your time in high school, the most important thing to value is the experiences you gain and the knowledge you leave with. When you take music theory class, you get the opportunity to understand everything that isn’t on the page, that you don’t hear when you listen to a song. When you’re listening to a song in the car do you ever wonder “why?” or the “how?” of a song?

Students who want to go to school for the performing arts need to build a good background in music. They will be expected to know the basics of music theory. Failure to have this background will put musicians behind, and negatively impact their college education. When you reach the professional level it can be a lot harder to try and learn about music theory when their career is already on its feet. 

It is an essential basic key to being a musician because it makes the music your own, and sets you apart. 

The theoretical background of music is just as important as the actual technique, especially in the professional world. It can help you bring a part of yourself into the music you play as you start to understand it more. 

Coming from someone who participates in vocal performance and the performing arts, I find it essential to study music theory. People who are planning to go into the music field in college should practice and seek to expand their knowledge of music daily. It is essential for students to take music theory if they want to continue their career. 

Even though we may not often spend time looking up background information about the music we listen to or study, it is definitely worth it. There’s a story and reason behind everything on a page of music, and learning to understand all of that helps make you a better musician and listener

Music Theory could also be a great elective for any student to take, and it also counts as an art credit

Taking Music Theory can teach you so much about the songs that you listen to on the radio, and even a little bit about artists you love. 

Even though students will have to progress through theory courses in college, students will be tested on more advanced concepts and materials than when in highschool, so it is important to take the opportunity to prepare themselves for upcoming years. 

As people grow up they think a lot about their future and what they want to spend the rest of their life doing. As we get older, we get faced with more career opportunities, and might not exactly know what we want to commit to. When studying Music Theory in college, the expectations are to know the basics, and have background information because of the requirements needed, which is a huge strategy, and will be beneficial in the future, having the opportunity to take music theory is a great way to branch out and explore different genres of music that might spark your interest.

Music is so much more than just the little drawings in black ink on staff paper. 

The whole college experience should be a time for learning, and being able to advance one’s overall skills, it’s never about the pace it takes for individuals to learn their pieces, or how many pieces someone knows. It is all about having an actual understanding of the background and music. 

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Music theory helps performers understand everything that doesn’t show up on the five line staff. It gives performers and just the casual listener  the opportunity to understand the true picture, and meanings behind the music that they study. 

Music can help a person express who they really are, especially nowadays where there are so many genres of music. Oftentimes when people feel troubled or stopped, the answer is music, because you can express emotions and feelings that are important to you that only you have to understand, because music speaks louder than words.

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