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Bun-believable! The Hot Dog vs. Sandwich Debate Served Hot

To sandwich or not to sandwich? Created in Canva by Jae Brunelle

Every day hotdogs are getting heated, boiling with rage, because you hotdog eaters are not putting hotdogs into their rightful food group. A hotdog is in fact a sandwich.  This is not something to be taken lightly. It’s time to ketchup on how the hotdogs are feeling. If you are going to eat the hotdog, know what you’re eating.

All of you who have disrespected the name of the hotdog by referring to it with silly names like glizzy, footlong, frank, weenie, weiner, redhot, Mc-hot dog, and coney dog should be ashamed of yourselves. These names are not names to rightfully associate with a delicious frankfurt and its trusting bun, when it so easily could be referred to as a sandwich. How do you think the hotdog would feel hearing that it’s not being called its rightful name? By not categorizing it correctly, we are disrespecting this delicious sandwich.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?


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Hot-Sandwich haters will argue that hotdogs differ from the sandwich category, but is that really the case? A hotdog and sandwich actually display much more similarities than initially come to mind. 

Like an average sandwich, a hotdog has two breaded walls surrounding the main course. Sandwiches and hotdogs frequently use similar condiments like ketchup, mustard, relish, or even pickles. Both a sandwich and hotdog can be accompanied by a variety of breading options.

I have done extensive research on this topic. Like five whole minutes on Google. When I looked up “Is a hotdog a sandwich?” I only had to scroll down once to read in bold, “A hotdog is a sandwich.” So, if Google agrees, you should too. 

I also spoke to some fellow peers in the Londonderry High School community to gain their perspective on the topic. 

“There is bread, then meat; it’s like a hamburger, which is a sandwich, but it is just horizontal,” said Junior Laina Tremonte, a fellow hotdog sandwich believer. 

Contrary to Tremonte’s point, sophomore Molly Knight has a disagreeing viewpoint on the hotdog falling into the sandwich category. 

“A hotdog is more of a sub, not a sandwich because there are not two separate patties, it’s just one clamped together,” Knight said.

 While I see Knight’s point, I would also argue that a sub still falls into the category of sandwiches. If a hotdog is a sub, and a sub is a sandwich, a hotdog is also a sandwich. This is basic math that if a=b and b=c, then c=a, it is mathematically proven a hotdog is a sandwich. 

Expanding from the hallways of LHS, I researched some commonly known Chefs opinions on what a hotdog should be classified as. Here’s what they had to say:

 “Once paired with bread, no matter what form of the bread may take, I believe it is absolutely acceptable to refer to this as a sandwich,”  Zachary Kuhagen said, chef of Vinsetta Garage, a popular restaurant in Berkley, Michigan. 

He really said that!

Even Gordon Ramsey, who has been awarded 17 Michelin stars for his cooking agrees saying, “A hotdog is a sandwich.” See? Even these Chef’s agree with me. 

Given all these in favor of the hotdog sandwich movement, let’s all stop the silly names for the beloved Frankfurt, and start referring to it in its rightful category, the sandwich. 

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