Netflix’s Outer Banks is more than just nice abs

The stars John B., Pope, Kiara, and JJ pose for the cover shot.

Fair use photo by Netflix

The stars John B., Pope, Kiara, and JJ pose for the cover shot.

If you haven’t seen Outer Banks yet, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. I know you have the time for it, it’s quarantine, so none of us have anything better to do anyway.

Like many people, I’ve recently become obsessed with the show, even going as far as to force everyone around me to watch and enjoy it too. 

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that Outer Banks has kind of gotten a bad rep. A lot of people think that the show is just a bunch of good looking guys running around with their shirts off. 

Sure, that’s an added bonus, but the show is way more than that.

I know it features a plethora of attractive young people, but it also has talented actors, an exciting, fast-moving plot, and envy-sparking beach scenes. It’s the treasure hunt and camaraderie of the Goonies meets the age-old turf battle of Westside Story.

The show follows a teenage orphan named John B., who, with the help of his friends, continues his missing father’s quest to find $400 million worth of gold on an old legendary shipwreck. It begins when a hurricane not only stirs up the warm North Carolina waters, but also stirs up the drama pot on the island and kicks off their grand adventure.

Everyone always refers to him as John B., since he was named after his currently MIA father. He and his friends JJ, Kiara, and Pope are Pogues, who are poorer and live on the wrong side of town. They have as much fun as they can while dealing with the privileged residents, or Kooks, on the other side of town, investigating a century old mystery, and trying to dodge Child Protective Services looking out for John B.

The show is the perfect mix of action and adventure and the summer beachy vibes we’re all missing while stuck at home right now. Whether or not you think the actors are attractive, binge the show because you won’t regret it.

So, the question really isn’t whether or not you should watch Outer Banks.

The question is are you team JJ or John B?

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