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Students have more civility than politicians? That needs to change.

Art by Sathvik Manam
America stands divided on a number of political issues, which creates unnecessary conflict and hostility within the country.

Dear U.S. Politicians,

If I can engage with another student who has different views than me, why is it that people almost three times my age fail to do so? Before all else, students know that they are Americans, not a puppet of any one political party. Quite frankly, so should you. 

High school students can look past partisan issues

In today’s polarizing political climate, all one hears is “Democrat” or “Republican” and “liberal” vs. “conservative”. It’s easy for a lot of passionate young teenagers to ignore the opinions of others. However, students at LHS listen to one another and let the other parties speak. Members of the Young Democrats and  Young Republicans of LHS engage in civil debates with respect toward one another. This means they do not interrupt or ignore their opposing party. Members reflect and find common ground as opposed to glaring at a group’s emblem.

Why can’t you?

High school students understand that it’s all right to think differently 

Differences are differences. Students understand that people won’t always agree on all issues. Instead of refusing to hear the other side, students listen and take notes. No bashing occurs for thinking a certain way, just civil debates and a positive discussion. 

Why can’t you?

High school students help the community around them by coming together

Every day, a student of LHS extends their arms to those less fortunate by committing acts of kindness, such as volunteering or just helping a neighbor out. People of all backgrounds and political ideologies come together to serve their beloved community. As President Lincoln once said, “A house divided can not stand.” As such, students understand the importance of cooperation, solidarity, and simply working together towards a common goal. 

Why can’t you?

High school students are able to accept the cold, hard truth

There are times where most students don’t want to hear how badly they did on a test, or that they lost a game. However, instead of whining and creating a false reality, most students acknowledge the reality of the situation and accept the results. No contesting nor spread of conspiracy theories takes place, and no false narratives are set. It’s understandable to be upset at the loss of something so big as an election. However, throwing a temper tantrum and inciting violence is not the best way to get your message across. Students do not organize to overthrow the institution which gave them the bad news, so…

Why can’t you?

High school students unite to defend an institution they love

Anytime there is an issue that affects the student body, everyone comes together to support each other. For example, when our school was being attacked for “not being patriotic enough,” students put their differences aside and came together in defense of LHS using their journalistic voice. Kids overcome struggles by confronting the issue as a united front, not letting misinformation win. 

Why can’t you? 

High school students understand that compassion outshines division

Students at LHS care for one another. If someone is hurt, we stand up for them. We don’t add on to hate. We try to dismantle hate with kindness and acceptance.

Why can’t you?

Grow up. Understand that working together is what resolves issues and gets the U. S. back on track for progress. There has never been a time where we as a nation haven’t accomplished great things when we were unified. It’s imperative to remember that you are Americans before all else, not pawns in a game of hyper-partisan chess.

With that being said, let’s get back to it. Let’s work for ourselves, for others, for the next generation, and for the bright potential of the United States. 


The American Student

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About the Contributor
Alisha Khalil
Alisha Khalil, Online Chief
Senior Alisha Khalil has been on staff for 3 years. Starting as a reporter her sophomore year, she is now The Lancer Spirit's Online Chief, Political Analyst, and News Editor. She started The Lancer Spirit's first Political news column. In her free time, Alisha enjoys making coffee and listening to music.

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  • A

    Aida Maher
    May 10, 2021 at 5:25 pm

    This article is so well written and is spot on. Students ARE our future so I cannot be more relieved to see our students’ ability to discuss and debate issues with respect. Only through open communication can we truly carve a unified path forward. Our current political climate is temporary – just keep forging ahead knowing you can make a difference for future generations.

  • S

    Seems Khalil
    May 10, 2021 at 4:50 pm

    A brilliant article by a fifteen year old, as a mom I have never felt more proud. Alisha, you are a candle in this current phase of darkness.
    You have articulated your feelings for the country you love into profound words of wisdom.

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The student news site of Londonderry High School
Students have more civility than politicians? That needs to change.